He Didn’t Even Lose His Hat

Police say Ramon Cruz, 31, of Moody Street, pictured below, took off when Officer Chad Collins approached him on foot somewhere around Middlesex or Appleton Street Sunday night about 9 p.m.
Collins gave chase and caught Cruz just across the Hamilton Canal near the old Freudenburg Building. Police say Cruz had several bags of heroin and coke on him, and was wanted on a default warrant.
Here is a picture of Officer Robert Rayne searching Cruz at the scene.


Cruz was booked for disorderly conduct, and possession of heroin and cocaine.
Collins is a fairly new officer. He came to Lowell PD in late 2007 on a lateral transfer from Marblehead Police; one of four officers Superintendent Lavallee brought in to boost the department’s ranks.
He was on a downtown walking patrol when he tried to talk to Cruz, only to have Cruz take off running.
Collins still had his hat on at the scene, which I had to ask him about later. How did he chase this guy down without even losing his hat? He said his shaved head just stuck to the leather band on the inside.


The Wind is a Vandal

Just a couple hours after my first post, another tree has run amok in Greater Lowell, this time in Chelmsford.


A tree branch, although I use that term lightly since this branch was bigger than many trees I’ve seen, got blown down on Golden Cove Road right next to the I-495 overpass.
It knocked down a high tension power line as it came down, cut power to at least 240 people, and made a big enough mess that firefighters and police had to close part of Golden Cove, and more importantly part of Route 110 (Chelmsford Street) where Golden Cove Road intersects with it, right before the I-495 onramp.
Dennis Greenwood, of Chelmsford DPW, showed up with a front-end loader and once he got word that there were no live wires in the mess, needed four minutes flat to clear the tree from the road. This video is under four minutes because I trimmed it some.

Police were still on scene with the road closed Sunday night, though, because National Grid needed quite a bit longer to get those wires back in place. I think Comcast was at the scene too.
UPDATE National Grid earlier estimated power would be restored by 10 p.m., but it is now 10 p.m., and that estimate has been pushed back past midnight.
To keep track of the outage and estimates for restoration, just follow this link.


There doesn’t seem to be much else going on so far today, but the quick storm that blew through Lowell about 4 p.m., managed to knock this tree down on upper Merrimack Street, right in front of 686.


Police closed the street for a bit while they waited for a tree crew.


Seriously? No, wait. SERIOUSLY?!?

It appears Boston.com, and several Boston news channels tonight reported on a terrifying new crime wave in Beacon Hill, where ruthless thugs have residents living in fear.
There have been four robberies and one larceny there already this year, several sources report. There were 8 last year.
I checked and double-checked, and apparently all these reports were made with a straight face.
Meanwhile, there were 261 robberies in Lowell last year, and 2,290 larcenies. Thanks to budget cuts, made by people on Beacon Hill, local police in Lowell are facing massive layoffs.
I decline to comment further. Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Man Pulled from River

A 54-year-old man was pulled from the Concord River behind the Lower Locks Garage this afternoon about 4 p.m. I didn’t make it down there cause they were clearing the scene just as I sat down at work.
He was found in the water, struggling, and screaming for help, police said.
Officers Michael Kandrotas, Erin Byrne, Christopher Bomil and Brian Keefe teamed up to pull the guy out. He was taken to Lowell General with minor injuries.
Sounds like he fell off a ledge a little ways up from where he was rescued.

Downtown Disorder

Police came downtown in numbers twice tonight, which I’m sure got the attention of the neighbors.
First was about 8:30, for an attempted unarmed robbery at Middle and Palmer streets. I’m not sure what went down between the bad guy and his intended victim, but the suspect was described as a white male, tall, skinny, wearing jeans and a black sweatshirt. He had some scruff on his face, and dark hair.
Police stopped a possible suspect on Market Street, but he checked out and soon walked away.
It sounded like everyone was unharmed, though. The victim later rejoined his friends at the Smokehouse to eat.
About 10:50, the downtown portable unit (that’s a patrolman who’s on foot, or a bike) started chasing someone, though I never did pickup on why. A white Chevrolet Monte Carlo took off on him and then the driver bailed out and ran toward Dutton Street but disappeared.
Tons of backup came to join the search, but the guy never turned up.
Police did find the car’s owner, but since the guy who ran was described as white, in his early 20’s, wearing a dark-colored shirt and a hat, the young lady who owns the car was definitely not a suspect.
Police did arrest someone with five warrants inside 256 Market St., during the search, but told me he wasn’t the guy who ran. Wrong place, wrong time, I guess.
Nothing huge, but in a neighborhood where everything is close together and neighbors really keep their eyes on things, I’m sure folks noticed all the blue lights.

Good Timing

I was briefly concerned I was gonna get shaken down this afternoon as I drove over the Bridge Street bridge and listened to Vice radio in for backup to make a traffic stop on a car going the same direction, on the same street, in the same place that was driving.
I wasn’t even looking for a story. I was on my way back to the office from quick trip to my apartment.
I’ve gotta admit they’re good at being undercover. Once I realized they were making a stop darn close to where I was I started looking and couldn’t spot em to save my life.
As I turned onto French Street, Car 8 swerved at me from the opposite direction, just missed me, and stopped the white car right behind me. It was kind of a nice move. I sure as hell would have been stopped if he was looking for me instead of the car behind me.
I’m a reporter, though. I had to find a parking spot and go and see if they were going to make an arrest, but after a K9 sweep of the car detectives cut everyone loose.
I can’t complain about the commotion though. It’s a very slow night on the bad news front, so I’ve got no other real updates.