If you have a problem of some sort with them, then I’d like you to comment on this.
The person who made this telephone call should get a reward.


Fire on Middlesex Street

If you went through the Lord Overpass this afternoon you probably saw that Middlesex Street is closed at the overpass by a police cruiser. There’s a one-alarm fire at Crow Electrical, 590 Middlesex St., but no reports of injuries.
I went down to the scene and it looked to be mostly under control, they already had fans up to get smoke out of the building.


A few years back here in Lowell, I covered an incident in which a girl was shot while standing at her bus stop.
Well, as much as I do to document the terrible things that happen here in Lowell, the world has once again proved that it can be way more depraved and terrible than it is here in Lowell.
Associated Press Writer
DETROIT (AP) — Gunmen in a green minivan opened fire on a group of teenagers waiting at a bus stop near a Detroit school on Tuesday, wounding at least seven including two who were in critical condition, authorities said.
At least five of the teens had just gotten out of summer classes at Cody Ninth Grade Academy when they were shot at the nearby bus stop, said Detroit Public Schools Police Chief Roderick Grimes.
Two gunmen, possibly three, emerged from the green minivan and “asked for a person by name” before they “opened fire at the crowd,” Grimes said.
The students’ names and ages weren’t immediately released.
“We have confirmed the name of several of the students, but we have to make sure we talk with the parents,” Detroit Public Schools emergency financial manager Robert Bobb said at the scene of the shooting on Detroit’s west side.
Bria Wilson, 15, was standing at the bus stop when she heard the gunfire. Wilson said she was facing away from the shooters and ran away after the shots were fired. She said she saw a 16-year-old male friend lying on the ground, bleeding.
“They were so close — it almost hit me,” said Wilson, who was heading home from summer school classes at Cody Academy.
Associated Press writers Ben Leubsdorf and David N. Goodman contributed to this report.

Magazine Salesman

Well, apparently my story about police being on the lookout for them, and about the trouble they have caused in the past and in some other communities did little to slow them down.
City police tell me that tonight about 7 p.m., they got a report of two guys selling magazines door to door in the Gilmore Street area. Officers got a call from a concerned resident, and arrived to find two guys trying to sell magazines to a person in the doorway of a home on Gilmore Street.
There was no further trouble, but neither man had a permit from the city, so both were arrested for violating city ordinances.
Anthony Edwards, 24, of Illinois, and Robert Gordon, 19, of Solana Beach, Calif., were both released on bail after being booked for violation of city ordinances (solication).
Keep your eyes out for these guys, and read my story that’s linked above if you want more information and missed it earlier.

Chelmsford Crash

I spoke to Marty Barrett, of California tonight, and he tells me his brother, Andrew Barrett, of Lowell, who was severely hurt in Saturday night’s motorcycle crash in Chelmsford, is showing signs of improvement at Lahey Clinic in Burlington.
Andrew Barrett has been a mailman for almost three decades, delivering mail for the last five years along Route 110 in Chelmsford, where most folks on his route know him by first name, Marty Barrett tells me.
Yesterday, he opened his eyes, moved his fingers and recognized some people at his bedside, so the family is hopeful for a good recovery. I’m sure the family would still appreciate it if everyone still keeps Andrew Barrett in their prayers, though.

Motorcycle Crash

From what a witness told me, it sounds like one of two very speedy bikers got banged up pretty good tonight on Bridge Street, after one of them clipped a telephone pole while trying to pass a car on the right.
I went over to Bridge Street about 9:45 p.m., after hearing Lowell Police dispatch to a reported motorcycle crash with injury. I arrived and parked near Fourth Street, and started seeing debris from a motorcycle right away.
About 100 feet down the street, I finally found the rider laying in a doorway being tended to by EMTs.


Another 50-feet down the street was his motorcycle, laying in the middle of Bridge Street, south of Third.


The location of the bike is noteworthy, because Luis Cardona, of Lowell, told me he had been pulling onto Bridge Street from Fourth when two motorcycles passed him, one on each side of his car.
The one that passed Cardona on the passenger side clipped a telephone pole.
Cardona watched as the driver flew about 50 feet down the street before coming to rest under a Nissan that was parked along Bridge Street.
“The other biker just kept going,” Cardona said.
Cardona helped the rider out from under the car, and then the rider walked about another 50 feet down the street and laid down in a doorway, where he was when I arrived, according to Cardona.
Police couldn’t ID the driver yet, but told me he was taken to Lowell General Hospital. Apparently, and incredibly, he wasn’t hurt too awful bad.
He might have to answer some questions, though. As I was leaving the scene, I heard dispatchers tell officers at the scene that the motorcycle, a green, 2004 Kawasaki, had been reported stolen from Tyngsboro on Sunday.
UPDATE: Joseph Shelzi, 21, of 31 South Shore Drive, Pelham, will be summoned to court to face charges of receiving stolen motor vehicle, operating to endanger, and speeding. Police estimate he was going about 80 mph as he drove down Bridge Street prior to the crash. Three officers saw him fly past Tedeschi, at Bridge and West Sixth, just before the crash, according to reports.

Happy Ending.

There was a lot of police, and a lot of concern in Back Central tonight, when a 5-year-old boy went missing from 781 Lawrence St., wearing no shoes, Transformers PJ bottoms and a red shirt.
His mother called police right away. Officers searched for him for over an hour after he went missing at about 7:15 p.m., and called in a canine unit from Billerica, at least a half-dozen cruisers, and a state police helicopter.
There was great concern the boy had wandered across the street and into the Concord River, so a fire department was in the process of putting a boat in the water too.
The little fella, pictured below in his mother’s arms, with his Godmother too, was found safe and sound, as he sped down a hallway in his multi-unit apartment building a little before 9 p.m.
He said he was hiding in a closet and behind a chair, but police had checked those spots, and all over the building, so they think he was moving around, and possibly even outside.
The little guy is going to be incredible at hide and seek.


Little dude, we’re glad you’re okay. The city of Lowell has your back.