A Dip in the Canal for Accused Thief

I went home just before the fun started Sunday morning.
I worked until Midnight Saturday, and headed home, but I just heard from a resident at 27 Jackson St., Thomas Vachon, that not long after midnight a resident scared off a kid who was casing cars in the parking lot out front.
Police were called, but with the suspect already gone, that’s not exactly a priority call. Before officers arrived the suspect was back, and he smashed the window on Vachon’s car, and another car.
The kid made off with a GPS unit and a camera from Vachon’s car.
This time police did make a priority response, and Vachon said they were there within seconds. Fast enough that the kid had to climb a tree to get over a fence separating the parking lot from the canal.
Unfortunately for Vachon, the kid plunged right into the canal with the GPS unit, which is probably resting rather uncomfortably at the bottom now. His camera was recovered right on the edge of the canal, and is safe.
He’s out about $150 for the GPS and $150 for the window, though.
The fire department came and fished the bad guy out of the water, only to learn that he was in fact a mere 14-year-old boy.
Police confirmed Vachon’s account and said the kid was charged with breaking and entering motor vehicle, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. He was released to his parents later in the morning.
Vachon heard the kid had done this type of thing before.
“It sucks,” he said. “I’m more annoyed that he’s 14, and this isn’t his first time.”
Vachon got me some video of the kid taken from a local surveillance camera, but I’m going to have to upload it once I’m home tonight, or tomorrow once the video people here at The Sun are back.
My powerbook just doesn’t want to open it correctly.


Police Details

This one is a bit old, but Capt. James McPadden and I used to talk about the value of having police on details around the state back when he was the shift commander at the time of night I work.
And, Wednesday afternoon it was McPadden who was working a detail on Lawrence Street when a motorist pointed out another man who he said had just tried to break into his house.
McPadden tracked down the suspect, who soon ran, but with the help of another motorist and Falco, Officer Todd Donaldson’s canine partner, the suspect was found hiding in the basement of a Pollard Street home that he had broken into in his quest to escape.
Darlon Silvano, 23, of 218 Nesmith St., was charged with attempted breaking and entering, breaking and entering and resisting arrest.

Avoid the Rourke Bridge

I went out that way for a reported pedestrian accident at Middlesex and Baldwin about 6:30 p.m.
The pedestrian was fine, actually smiling at the scene, but at the same time there was a minor crash right on the Rourke Bridge, and by the time I was leaving traffic was backed up past the intersection with Pawtucket Street.
Quite a mess out there, and a few cruisers on the way to help direct all the traffic.
There is also a gas leak in a fairly remote area back off Perry Street, between Bradford Industries and the Concord River.
I went out to check it out, but it wasn’t really accessible, and there appeared to be no homes in the area, so no evacuations or anything. National Grid was on the way to fix it up.

Weird Night

I’m just going to do one big blog entry on the weird note tonight ended on.
About 11:15 or so, I headed out to Interstate 495 north, about a mile south of Route 133, because state police had a car that rolled over into the woods off the right side of the highway.
It came to rest about 100 feet or more from the road, on its roof, in the mud. It was empty.
Tewksbury Fire had a thermal imaging camera and there were tons of troopers trying to figure out if they had an ejection, or just a driver who had fled. They found no one ejected, so when I heard that there had been a home invasion at 56 Aiken Ave., in Lowell, at about midnight, I bolted from the scene.
The car was so far into the woods I wasn’t able to get a picture of it.
In Lowell, I learned that two men had been taken to the hospital with minor head wounds after two other men broke into their second-floor apartment at 56 Aiken while armed with handguns.
The two suspects, described only as males wearing masks, fled down Dalton Street. A police dog lost their scent down the street a little ways.
As I was at the home invasion, Car 4 in Lowell found a guy on Nesmith Street who said he had been in a rollover accident somewhere on Route 38.
It turned out he wasn’t quite sure where he was, and he was, in fact, the guy who had rolled his car over on I-495, a mile south of Route 133.
How did he get from that far down the highway to Nesmith Street? Your guess is as good as mine.
He is now in custody, though, for something, and still on his way to the State Police barracks in Andover as of a minute ago, so his name and the charges against him aren’t available.
The car he wrecked is registered to a 47-year-old Dorchester woman, according to state police radio broadcasts.
It is now 1:01 a.m., and I’m going home before any further weirdness occurs.

Murder Arrest

According to the arrest log I obtain nightly from Lowell Police, Eduardo Pena, who I wrote about yesterday is now facing a single count of murder in addition to the charges I wrote about yesterday.
Pena is charged in connection with the death of Anthony Oliveira, 33, of Lowell, who was found about a block from the scene of a shooting that Pena and Jose Martinez have already been charged in connection with.
But, neither of the DA’s two spokespeople seem to be returning my calls tonight.
I mean, arrest logs, with name, address, charges, etc, are public record by statute anyway. It’s not like a reporter who’s watching for murder arrests is going to miss this.
Pena, and Jose Martinez will both be arraigned on Monday in Lowell District Court. Both men are also charged in connection with the shooting of 22-year-old Vichot Suon, of Lowell, who is expected to survive the gunshots he suffered.

Flash a Handgun – Get Busted at McDonalds

I normally wouldn’t blog about this, but it was a nice grab and the guys involved didn’t want their pictures taken.
I’m going go ahead to post pictures for just that reason.
The issue was that police say one of these guys


Flashed a handgun at a fella on West Fourth Street in Lowell about 10:45 or so. Police put out a description of a Lincoln Navigator almost immediately, and Officer Jason McGrail spotted it on the other side of the river.
McGrail followed the white Navigator across the bridge, and since there was a chance a gun was inside, police did a felony stop (guns drawn for safety) right in the Mcdonald’s parking lot.
No handgun was found, but two guys in the car had warrants and another was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon (handgun) after a showup.
They’re not all booked yet so I don’t have any names.


If the law ever takes me down, I really hope it’s not at McDonalds, though. A saw a few people chowing down as they watched these guys get lined up.

A Murder and a Shooting

If you read the paper I’m sure you heard a 33-year-old Lowell man was found dead in the bushes near VFW Highway and Aiken Street Friday morning, just a few hours after a 24-year-old got shot during an incident a block away at Aiken and Lakeview Ave.
Are they connected? Still waiting for word.
I heard police had no word or evidence of a second victim when they went to the call at 1:30 a.m., and found that Vichit Suon, 22, of Lowell, had been shot. He’s expected to be alright.
Friday morning at 7:30, though, police found Anthony Oliveira, 33, dead a block away. The medical examiner says it was homicide.
Eduardo Pena, 24, of Lowell, got picked up late Friday night for armed assault with intent to murder since police think he’s the one who shot Suon, and on Saturday Jose Martinez, 24, of Lowell, got picked up for accessory after the fact of armed assault with intent to murder.
Interestingly, Martinez also had a gun on him, and is charged with illegal possession of a firearm, but no one is saying whether that gun had been used.
Police and the DA say they’re still investigating whether the shooting and homicide are connected. No bail on either shooting suspect.