Oh Canada

I missed a good arrest while I was away on Christmas vacation, so I’m going to go back a few days on this one.
Michael Canada, 22, who has lived in Pelham, and Lowell, was pulled over for having a headlight out on Marsh Road in Pelham.
Officers thought Canada appeared intoxicated and “extremely nervous” as they approached the car, so they asked him to get out of the car. Canada said he didn’t have any weapons on him, but a quick pat frisk proved he was lying, according to Pelham Police.
Sgt. Anne Perriello found a loaded Walter P22 semi-automatic in the waistband of Canda’s pants, according to Pelham Police.
Here’s a generic picture of a P22 from the internet.


“Canada later advised officers that he did not tell them about the gun because he would not hurt them. He stated that he carried it for personal protection,” Pelham Police said in a press release.
He was charged with carrying a loaded firearm without a permit, and violation of a restraining order, since he had an RO that kept him from having firearms.
He was held over for court.
No word on whether Canada also failed to tell officers that he was recently arrested by Lowell Police for firearms offenses too.
Those charges from from June, when Canada and another man were accused of walking up to a car on Chapel Street in Back Central and sticking a sawed-off shotgun into the window of the car before demanding the car’s two occupants hand over all their valuables.
The men in the car refused, and a single shot was fired from the shotgun. That shotgun slug ended up in the dash of the car, and Canada and the other man fled, according to police.
No one was hurt. Canada was arrested at 5 Shawsheen St., in Billerica, a few hours later. Police found the shotgun, with two live rounds still loaded in it, and a spent shell casing, in the trunk of a car in Billerica.
Word is Canada was supposed to be on house arrest, wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet on his ankle as a result of the Lowell case, but I’m still waiting to hear back from Pelham on whether he had it on.
The really interesting thing about all of this is who the victim in the attempted robbery was, but I was given a very compelling reason along with a request that I not publish that information, so I’m going to abide by the request.
I’m also waiting to hear back about whether New Hampshire courts ordered Canada held.
Canada told Pelham Police he has been living in Woburn recently. Pretty interesting, cause local police arrested a guy in Woburn recently for another crime that made some headlines.


Tracking a Suspect

I was initially not that interested in a domestic incident tonight out on Boyleston Street in Lowell, where a fairly large, 260 pound, suspect, apparently had some issues with family members.
The guy fled the scene, though, and before long police called in a canine officer from Methuen and began tracking the attacker.
The track led onto Interstate 495, so if you saw a police dog and several officers jogging down the highway about 6:45 p.m., now you know what they were doing.
The dog lost the track in Stadium Plaza.
Police say the suspect has a lot of ties to Tewksbury, and police there are looking for him too. He’s about 6 feet tall, 260 pounds, but I missed his clothing description.
No one was hospitalized as a result of the domestic. I don’t have many details on what happened there yet.

It’s On The Way

The National Weather Service estimated a little low before the last snowstorm, but I still call them when I need information for a story because they’re usually the best.
So, here is what they’re estimating for overnight tonight.

And here’s a link if you want to see a bigger version.
It looks to me like we could be in for it if this storm drifts north a bit.

Woman Holds Up Bank in Tyngsboro

Tyngsboro Police got a call to Washington Savings Bank, 253 Middlesex Road, today at 2:29 p.m.
Officers learned a white, middle-aged woman had entered the bank, passed a note to a teller demanding cash, and then escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash. No weapon was shown.


The woman was last seen walking down Farwell Road next to the bank, and was seen getting into a small, gray two-door vehicle, that may have been a Honda, police said.
She is described as a white female, middle-aged, wearing all black, with a coat, hat and sunglasses.


You can also refer to the photos of her during the holdup that are spread throughout this entry.


Anyone with information is asked to call Tyngsboro Police at 978.649.7504.

Five Charged in Double Murder

I can’t tell you how much it stinks as a reporter to think that you know something, and to be fairly confident about it, but to be completely unable to confirm it.
I’ve had the following bit of text in the can for over a month now, but police wouldn’t even consider confirming or denying this information.
Based on the press release I just got from the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, I would say it has now been confirmed, though.
So here is the information not included in the press release. This case was never even slightly cold.
Those of you with sharp eyes will remember that I wrote about Hernandez’s arrest. One commenter on topix was even perceptive enough to notice and comment on the coincidence at the time.
I hated being unable to respond to that.
Two of the men indicted for the murders today, Ariel Hernandez, 21, of 9 Phillips St., and Timothy Brown, 21, of 80 Bridge St., unit 304, have been in custody since shortly after the killings — in Hernandez’s case, since just 50 minutes after the killings.
Hernandez and Giovanni Hill, 20, of 70 Agawam St., were both arrested following a motor vehicle stop at Fletcher and Rock streets in the Acre on Oct. 23 at 2:20 a.m., just 50 minutes after the slaying.
Officers had been looking for their car in connection with a robbery near the scene of the killing.
Police said two women, who were not identified, were walking near White Street and Second Avenue about 8:30 p.m., on Oct. 22, when a car pulled up next to them.
One of the men in the car pulled a handgun on the women, pulled back the slide atop the gun to load it, and demanded the women’s purses, police said.
The women handed over their bags, containing cash and credit cards, but managed to note the license plate of the car the men were in as they drove away, police said.
Five hours later, about 1:30 a.m., the Delgado brothers were gunned down inside their apartment, about a block from the scene of the robbery.
At 2:20 a.m., police spotted the license plate the robbery victims had noted.
Officers stopped Hernandez and Hill near Fletcher and Rock streets, and both men were charged with armed robbery while masked.
Hernandez was also charged with carrying a firearm without a license, unlawful possession of ammunition, possession of a firearm with a defaced serial number, and failure to stop for a stop sign.
At their arraignments the following day in Lowell District Court, Hill was ordered held without bail and Hernandez was ordered held on $25,000 bail, but held without bail on a probation warrant from superior court.
A spokesman for District Attorney Gerard Leone said she could not comment on why Hernandez was on probation.
Hernandez had also been arrested in December of 2006 after someone called police because they saw two men hiding in the bushes outside a pizza shop near Wood Street, according to reports in The Sun.
The caller saw the men pulling bandanas over their faces.
Officers responded and chased Hernandez, who appeared to be holding a handgun, into a nearby wooded area, where he was arrested. The handgun turned out to be a BB gun.
Hernandez and Juan Ramirez, 18, of Lowell, were charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery and disorderly conduct. Hernandez was also charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and resisting arrest.
It was not immediately clear whether Hernandez was convicted in that case, or whether that case is why he was on probation.
Brown was arrested a little more than a day later, on Oct. 25.
Several police detectives, led by Detective Lt. Dan Larocque, went to his multi-unit apartment building downtown as a driving rain fell on Oct. 24 and requested fire department help with forcing open a door, according to police radio broadcasts.
At least three unmarked cruisers were parked at that building late on that Saturday night.
Brown was charged with possession of a firearm without a license, unlawful possession of ammunition, accessory after the fact of armed robbery, and receiving stolen property over $250.
He was arraigned Oct. 26 in Lowell District Court, and ordered held on $75,000 cash bail.

I don’t know anything about the McDougal’s, though I’ll certainly be watching for their arrests if they’re found.
Lisa Redmond is in court today and will handle all of this from here on out.
Here is a link to what I had in the paper today about Silva’s arrest.

Double Murder Arrest

About 40 minutes ago, city detectives arrested Joshua Silva, 23, of 27 Clitheroe St., Lowell, on a warrant charging him with armed home invasion and two counts of murder in connection with the Oct. 23 killing of Hector Delgado, 37, and Luis “Toni” Martinez Delgado, 34, of Lowell.
Here is a link to the breaking news.
That’s all that is being released. I’ll update with more later. I’m very very busy right now.

Texting Caused Fatal Crash

I’ve got a few things cooking here tonight so I’ll just link to the lengthy breaking news I just filed on the cause of Sunday’s fatal crash on Andover Street in Lowell.
Police have determined the 22-year-old driver was texting just as he crashed.
He died at Saints Medical Center.
Look for a lot more on this later. Lowell Police are calling for a law to make texting a primary violation — one that officers can pull you over.