Brush Fire Burns Overnight

Firefighters from Groton and Dunstable were joined by crews from 17 other cities and towns this afternoon and evening in an effort to surround and stop a brush fire that burned an estimated 10 to 15 acres, and which remained burning overnight.
If you follow this map link and zoom out a bit, you can see the area that is burning between Martins Pond Road and Chicopee Row.
I drove all the way around the fire this evening, but was unable to spot any smoke, although I could definitely smell the fire as I was crossing into Groton from Westford on Route 40.
Dunstable Fire Chief Charlie Rich told me the blaze was about a half mile into the woods from Chicopee Row, where firefighters setup the command post pictured below.


Crews were also setup and working from Floyd Hill Road, which is the first thing you see in that map link, but I was unable to get to that point because police closed Martins Pond Road.
Rich said crews were surrounding the fire last night and setup a perimeter around it to keep it contained overnight, and that firefighters will be back to work fighting it first thing at dawn.
The blaze was not believed to be near any homes, though Rich said he wasn’t 100 percent sure what was happening on the other side of the fire, on the Floyd Hill Road side. I heard no radio broadcasts indicating anything over there, though.
In addition to local fire departments, the mobile command center from the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services was also at the scene.


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