I didn’t hear about this until I read it in Wednesday’s paper, but it looks like a former star of the blog, Michael Canada, will be going away for a while.
Canada, who previously made the blog for firing a gunshot into a car during an attempted drug rip, was sentenced to 4 to 5 years in state prison for that crime this week.
The entire thing was allegedly over a small amount of weed. Sad what people will do eh?
One of the two victims in the attempted drug rip later ended up being murdered. Canada was not involved in the murder, and several other men have been charged.
I’m not sure what happened with Canada’s case up in Pelham, and it’s too late to find out right now.


State Police Infrared

The State Police Airwing has really been doing some impressive stuff with the forward looking infrared in their helicopters recently, and today they released some video to show off the capabilities.
I first took note of this last month when the airwing had this guy in their sights for quite a while as dozens of officers on the ground searched for him following a police chase.
Troopers in the helicopter were even telling guys on the ground when the suspect was crawling or leaning against a tree. I listened to those radio broadcasts and wondered just how much detail they could see.
This video, I think, shows that a little bit.
This video was shot in both infrared and visible spectrum by Air 4, which was called into the air from Lawrence early this morning as Concord Police searched for a distraight woman who had vanished into the woods near Walden Pond.
The search had been ongoing since about 4:15 a.m. The helicopter arrived on scene about 6:05 a.m., and using infrared Trooper John Hazelrigg, the pilot, and Trooper Ronald Baker, the tactical flight officer, found the woman 14 minutes later.
They directed troopers and emergency responders on the ground to the woman, and dropped an emergency blanket for her to keep warm with. Temperatures overnight were near freezing.
Emergency crews then got her out of the woods and got her medical attention, as seen in the end of the video.
State Police aren’t releasing any information on the woman or her condition. Great technology, though. Forward looking infrared is a technology that senses heat signatures instead of visible light.

Want To Know How Police Do Their Thing?

If you read the blog because you think police work is interesting, or if the blog has made you curious about how officers and detectives do some of this stuff, you’ve got a chance to really learn some tricks coming up early next month.
Sharon Callery and Officer Paul Corcoran are once again organizing the city’s Citizen’s Police Academy, which will run from April 6 to May 25.
Paul has been a cop since I was 5-years-old. This blog can’t teach you anything compared to what Paul and the officers who stop in at the academy can.
The academy is one class per week, 6 to 9 p.m., Wednesday nights, and it’ll cover tons of topics, listed below.
– criminal investigations
– criminal law
– juvenile law
– domestic violence
– the gang unit
– the vice unit
– hate crimes
– Internet safety
– identity theft
– CPR and first responder
– crash reconstruction
– how to be a good witness
– motor vehicle law
– OUI and the Intoxilizer
– family services
The only caveat is that applicants cannot have a criminal record. Background checks will be conducted to ensure that.
Anyone who wants to apply should download this application and then mail it to or drop it off at the Lowell Police Department, 50 Arcand Drive, Lowell, MA 01854.
If you’re just looking for more information on the academy, call Callery or Corcoran at the West Centralville Precinct by dialing 978-937-3210.

Late Night Swim

Police got a call for a suspicious person behind Middlesex Tire & Auto Center, 1555 Middlesex Street tonight at 11:01 p.m.
A man fled as officers arrived, and led police on a 15 to 20 minute pursuit that included a police canine. Eventually, officers spotted Paul Christian, 30, of Lowell, neck-deep in the Merrimack River.
Bear in mind the temperature at the time was 33 degrees, according to the UMass-Lowell Weather Center.


Officer Joe Comtois went into the water after Christian, who still refused to give up, and I’m told Comtois had to use pepper spray on Christian before he would finally surrender.
Pictured above is a soaking wet Paul Christian as he’s led from the river bank to a prisoner transport wagon. Video shows the same, but it won’t be uploaded until I edit it for some choice language.
Police called Trinity Ambulance to make sure Christian was okay. When an EMT asked Christian why he went into the river, Christian replied “because I’m stupid.”


After Christian was in custody for trespassing and disorderly conduct, officers went back to Middlesex Tire and Auto Center and found a minivan parked out back, filled with over 20 tire rims that Christian had allegedly been taking from a scrap yard.
Police were still working early this morning to determine what additional charges Christian will face.
Here’s some video I shot once I got there.

Shots Fired in Dispute

Police were called to 17 Fifth Street in Centralville this afternoon about 3:41 p.m., for a report of gunshots.
Officers found a single .45 caliber shell casing, but no evidence that anything or anyone had been struck.
Police have a suspect, but have made no arrests.
It sounds like there is a dispute between residents of two homes less than a block apart there on Fifth Street, and police ended up getting called back to the area two more times yesterday afternoon.
By evening they had put some extra officers into the area to keep the situation quiet, but as Spring and warmer weather approaches, I’ll bet officers will be back there soon enough.

If You See This Guy – Call Police

State Police now have an arrest warrant for a man they believe robbed Central Bank at 85 Wilmington Road in Wilmington on Jan. 5, and investigators believe he was working with a group of men believed to be behind five other such heists.
Since early this year, police have been looking for information on a group of men they believe have robbed banks in Westford, Burlington, Malden, Lynnfield, Reading, and Salem.
Below is a surveillance photo taken during the heist in Burlington.


On Feb. 16 state police and the FBI arrested Anthony Hamilton, 24, of Charlestown, on charges he held up Citizens Bank in Malden on Dec. 16, firing several gunshots to free himself when he was trapped between glass doors while leaving the building.
Police say Hamilton and Javon Perry, pictured below, may both be part of a group that robbed banks in the towns listed below.
While Hamilton is charged with the Malden heist, police have obtained an arrest warrant from Woburn District Court charging Javon Perry, 29, with the Jan. 5 robbery in Burlington.


The warrant charges Perry with armed robbery and using intimidation to steal from a depository.
Perry is described as being a black male, 5’10, with a medium build. State Police spokesman David Procopio tells me Perry is believed to have been a transient recently, with no fixed address, but that he has roots in Springfield.
State police are offering a reward for information leading to his arrest, but they didn’t say how much it is. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call state police at 508-820-2121.

Not As Sneaky As He Thought

Burlington Police started chasing a Toyota Camry on Cambridge Street and then Winn Street this afternoon about 4:30 p.m., and pursued the car onto Interstate 95 near Route 28 in Woburn before a commander ordered officers to break off pursuit due to traffic.
The driver escaped, heading toward Stoneham, but not before Burlington Police took note of his license plate number, which came back to an address on Allendale Avenue in Billerica.
Police continued to look for the guy, but after about an hour he must have figured they gave up.
Billerica Sgt. Steve Elmore was parked on Cook Street, though, watching a route he knew to be a back way into the neighborhood around Allendale Avenue.
At 5:48 p.m., the Toyota Camry he was looking for drove by.
The car didn’t stop when Sgt. Elmore put on his blue lights, and a second pursuit started, leading to Williams Road and Pinehurst Avenue where another Billerica officer had blocked the road, police said.
Elmore said the Camry struck that cruiser, grazed another cruiser, and continued down Pinehurst Avenue before pulling into a driveway where police quickly boxed it in.
Tim Piasecki, 43, of 33 Allendale Ave., was ordered out of the car and arrested.
He was being held tonight, charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (motor vehicle), reckless operation, failure to stop for police, speeding, a stop sign violation, and driving with a revoked license.
Police said they discovered he was also wanted on a warrant for similar charges – receiving a stolen motor vehicle, resisting arrest, and negligent operation.
No one was hurt.
I still need to check what charges Burlington may file against Piasecki.