Woman Dead – Man Arrested

The headline to this is in large part all I know, so I’m just going to paste the bit of a story I was able to put together on this incident below, and then post some notes.
By Robert Mills
CHELMSFORD — A female pedestrian is dead and an unidentified man is facing drunken-driving charges following an incident yesterday evening on a short cul-de-sac in a residential part of Chelmsford.
But exactly what happened remains a mystery, as both police and investigators from the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office released little information last night.
Police and firefighters were called to Cranberry Lane, a short cul-de-sac off Park Road in the South Chelmsford section, about 6 p.m., according to Police Chief James Murphy.
“We’re investigating a domestic incident that came in as a medical call on Cranberry Lane shortly after 6 p.m.,” Murphy wrote in an email. “The female victim was pronounced dead shortly after arrival at (Lowell General Hospital).”
An unidentified Fire Department captain had also described the incident as being medical in nature earlier in the night during a conversation with a reporter from The Sun.
Murphy said detectives attached to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office were notified and taking part in the investigation into what happened, but that he could not provide more information prior to consulting with prosecutors today.
Jessica Pastore, a spokeswoman for District Attorney Gerard Leone, said there was “a motor vehicle incident involving a pedestrian,” when asked via email about the incident.
Pastore said a man was charged with operating under the influence of liquor, but nothing else, and declined to identify that man.
Pastore said there is an “investigation ongoing into the exact circumstances of how (the victim) was hit.”
She said more information, including the names of those involved, could be released early today.
Neither Pastore nor Murphy responded to further questions posed via email and telephone late last night.
A few notes.
I talked to the fire captain mentioned in the story just as crews were returning from the incident this evening, and double-checked with him to make sure it was medical in nature. He did not sound at all evasive or uncertain when he said yes.
Chief Murphy noted this was originally thought to be medical. I’m not sure when that changed.
I should also note that both Jessica Pastore and Chief Murphy are always incredibly helpful and straightforward with me. It was after 11 pm when they didn’t respond to my further questions.
I don’t blame them for that, even though I’m incredibly curious about what happened here.
I mention this because I want it to be clear that I’m not suggesting they were being evasive or less than helpful. It seems to me like investigators still have a lot of unanswered questions themselves.
Both Pastore and the chief said they would provide more information Thursday morning, and I absolutely take them at their word on that. At the same time, I’m sorry I have so few answers here.

One response to “Woman Dead – Man Arrested

  1. This is a real tragedy which,sadly,I’ve seen repeated too many times where alcohol is involved ….the family is in my prayers.

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