He Was Almost Fast Enough

It sounds like Luis Torres, 28, of 382 Bridge St., Unit 9, is a heck of a fast runner, but he wasn’t quite fast enough tonight.
Police tell me Officer Michael Kandrotas was on patrol somewhere near Central Plaza tonight about 8:53 p.m., when he recognized Torres from roll call, where officers were told he was wanted on a warrant.
Police say Torres had a friend watch the child he was pushing in a stroller, and bolted on foot with Kandrotas in chase.


The chase went up Charles Street, somewhere near Central. Police lost sight of Torres, but realized they probably had Torres boxed in between Central and Lawrence streets.
They setup a perimeter, and started searching yards in the area for about 10 minutes, before someone announced they had Torres in a yard off North Street.
Torres was found hiding in a barrel. The search was over.


Torres seemed nice enough once he was in custody. I heard him tell officers he had done a few events in track back in school.
Police confirmed the child that Torres left with a friend was safe and at his mother’s house, and hauled Torres into the station.
He is being held on a default warrant from a case in which he’s charged with receiving stolen property over $250. He was additionally charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and trespassing.


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