Massive Search, Death, on Merrimack River

It appears a massive search for someone who apparently fell out of a boat on the Merrimack River near Riverfront Park, at 76 Frost Road, Tyngsboro came to a tragic conclusion just before midnight.
Police and firefighters were called to the area at 8:43 p.m., for a report that someone had fallen out of a boat, according to police radio broadcasts.
Police did not immediately release any information last night as they were busy coordinating the massive search, which included a state police helicopter and dive teams from Nashua, the Lowell Fire Department, and the Lowell Police Department.


I couldn’t get close to the scene, since there were so many people taking part in the search even police and firefighters were crunched for space in Riverfront Park, on the site of the former Tyngsboro Campground.
Police radio broadcasts indicate someone was found and pronounced dead by paramedics at 11:41 p.m. No information has been released on who the victim is, or how old.
“We have a boat-related death here,” said a police commander at the scene via radio.
I did catch one broadcast that indicated the parents of the missing person were in New Hampshire and on their way to the scene about 10:30 p.m.


Above is a photo of the boat ramp at the park from a previous story.
I’m not sure if the incident happened at Riverfront Park, or if authorities were just using the boat ramp there, but Riverfront Park can be used only by Tyngsboro residents.
The State Medical Examiner’s Office, detectives attached to District Attorney Gerard Leone’s Office, and Environmental Police were being contacted or were on the way to the scene at midnight.
Police also said in radio broadcasts that a boat at the scene was being taken back to the police station to be processed for evidence. Don’t read too much into that, though, I’m pretty sure its standard procedure when there is a death.
I’m sorry but that’s all the information I’ve got right now. Police should be releasing more sometime overnight or in the morning.


3 responses to “Massive Search, Death, on Merrimack River

  1. Mary,
    The LFD dive team (and fire department in general) responds for any request for any person missing in the water, frequently providing mutual aid to other communities. This is nothing unusual. LFD divers were searching at Freeman Lake in Chelmsford just two weeks ago after someone reported seeing a body. If it were you that were missing, you would get the same response.
    Each community has special resources that are shared to cut costs. Lowell has enough waterways and personnel to be able to justify and support maintaining a dive team. Tyngsborough provides Lowell with an air cascade unit used to refill SCBA bottles at large fire scenes, and has done so quite a few times.

  2. I agree with the guy above, and I’ll also note that it was Tyngsboro Police who requested the dive teams. None of the dive teams went to this scene of their own volition. They were requested by Tyngsboro Police.

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