Downtown Break and Arrest

Police got a call from someone tonight about 11:30 p.m., reporting that a man had just kicked in the front door at The Coffee Mill Emporium at Middle and Palmer streets downtown.
Officers arrived just as a man was leaving the store. Officer Danny Brito chased him on foot across Merrimack Street, before catching up and making an arrest in the yard of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, at Merrimack and Kirk streets.


William Clegg, 33, of Lowell, will face a count of breaking and entering night, and possibly more charges. He was being held tonight.
Clegg has 50 arraignments on his adult criminal history, according to police radio broadcasts.
His most recent arrests, according to our archives here at The Sun, were for possession of a class A substance, conspiracy to violate drug laws, unarmed robbery, domestic assault and battery, shoplifting, and a restraining order violation.


5 responses to “Downtown Break and Arrest

  1. Glad the Lowell PD nabbed this guy, if he has 50 arraignments already will he be looking at prison if convicted of this crime?

  2. Maybe THIS time this drugged-up,sociopathic,useless s*%#bag won’t get a slap on the wrist from some out-of-touch bleeding-heart & actually get put someplace where he can’t harass or harm honest,hard-working people or their property(?!)

  3. to bad i seen this sad excuse for a man 2 weeks ago. hes nothing but a drug addict and has 50 arraignments and he still walkin the streets never mind that he has 5 kids even maybe more who he dont take care of never did n never will…i hope they lock his ass up for a long time cuz he cant even say hi to his own son when he walks by him on the street..all these kids he has are better off without him.Cause ill make sure he”ll never be in his sons life he never was n never will be….HES A DEAD BEAT DAD AND A CRACKHEAD..I DONT UNDERSTAND THIS COURT SYSTYEM THEY KEEP LETTIN HIM OUT KNOWIN HE BELONGS BEHIND BARS AND THATS THAT!!!!!!!!!

  4. i hate when people talk shit about him like that when people need to take a good look at them self and he is a very good father to his son that i know of and he loves his son so much and he will always have his son in his life

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