Saturday Day Night Roundup

Before we get into Saturday night’s weirdness, lets talk about Friday night and Saturday morning.
Lowell PD and State Police conducted saturation patrols and a checkpoint on Thorndike Street, and made 18 arrests.
The big winner of the night was a guy named Paul Poley, 36, of Billerica, who got waved into the checkpoint for a field sobriety test, according to police.
Police say Poley then accelerated, fishtailed, and almost struck two troopers standing inside the checkpoint. Lt. Timothy Crowley and Officer Scott Sauve gave chase, and followed Poley’s pickup truck onto Carlisle Street and then Boston Road, where Poley drove into a guardrail.
He’s now looking at OUI – third offense, failure to stop for police, marked lanes violation, operating to endanger, failure to stop at a red light, speeding, resisting arrest, and two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon (motor vehicle).
Trooper Kevin Bibeau, out of the Andover Barracks, also stopped a known gang member named Johnny Sok, 21, of Lawrence, during saturation patrols earlier in the night. Sok didn’t have a license, according to police.
More importantly, his passenger struggled with Bibeau at one point, and Lowell Officers George Asimoah and Rafael Rivera were called in for backup.
Once officers got control of passenger Tony Thoueithisong, 29, of 55 Liberty St., they found him in possession of a loaded 9mm handgun, according to police. Police say he too is a known gang member.
As for tonight, so far it’s just been weird.
Lowell Police, Fire and Trinity got a call earlier tonight for a woman who tried to commit suicide by eating peanut butter.
Before you chuckle, know that the woman has a peanut allergy, and that this was actually a priority 1 medical call because she had gone into anaphylactic shock.
About an hour later, Lowell Police got a noise complaint about a party. I didn’t catch the street it was on, but when police got to the street they asked for a more specific address for the noisy party.
Dispatchers said the “uncooperative caller” reported that she could not provide an address, because every house on the street was having a party.
Then at 9:53 p.m., Billerica Police got a call because a young man was locked inside the Market Basket in Billerica when the store closed. He was an employee of the store.
Police eventually got him out, but not before the kid set off the store’s alarm.
I’m still tuned in for more. It’s been an odd night in Greater Lowell.


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