Please Wear Your Helmet

Trinity Ambulance just rushed a guy up to Lowell General Hospital because he suffered what looked to be a fairly serious head injury while riding a minibike on Gates Street at Westford Street tonight about 6:30 p.m.


A witness told me the guy was riding, without a helmet, down Gates Street, when he hit his brakes and went over the front handlebars of the bike pictured below. It sounds like he whacked his head on the asphalt.


He had some abrasions on his head, and police called paramedics to the scene after arriving and noticing the head injury. A witness said the guy was unconscious for a while after the crash.


Police didn’t identify the guy before he was rushed from the scene, and officers are following up on this at Lowell General Hospital, so I’m not sure who he is or how old he is. No other vehicles were involved.
Westford Street was closed for just a few minutes while emergency crews responded to this.

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