Molotov Cocktail

It was Friday night, about 11:30 p.m., when a man looked out the window of an apartment on Chambers Street in Lowell, and saw a man he recognized as his sister’s ex-boyfriend throwing a molotov cocktail at his sister’s car, according to police.
The man and his sister managed to put out the resulting fire, but city arson investigators soon found the remnants of a molotov cocktail at the scene, and asked all local police departments to be on the lookout for Carlo Huacon, 25, of 22 Byron Ave., Lawrence.
Early Saturday morning, Lawrence Police arrested Huacon and turned him over to Lowell Police.
Huacon is now being held pending arraignment on Monday, and even though relatively little damage was done to the car, he appears to be looking at a very serious potential sentence.
He is charged with violation of a restraining order, burning a motor vehicle, possession of a molotov cocktail, and willfully throwing explosives.
Those last two charges are serious business. I’m not sure if my reading of them is correct, so I’ll link to the statues, but it appears he’s facing a mandatory minimum of 15 years in prison for throwing explosives charge, and a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison for the possession of a molotov cocktail charge.
Although it appears prosecutors could also decide to prosecute the case as a misdemeanor, since the statues allow for sentences under 2 1/2 years as well.
Lesson here? Don’t mess around with explosives, of any kind. I had never realized just how stiff those statutes can be.


One response to “Molotov Cocktail

  1. Two points I’m not clear on: What part of ‘go away and STAY gone’ does Mr. Huacon not understand (read:restraining order)? And what did he think could be accomplished by trying to blow up the young lady’s car? This will all work out when this twisted loser gets a good judge in court, a long prison sentence– and maybe a big, mean cellmate!

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