Triple Bogey

Hopefully Sophea Khan is good with the putter, because his driving skills are a little wild.
Police say Khan, 34, of Lowell, ran a red light at Westford and Pine streets, clipped a Trinity ambulance, fled onto Staples Street, and then drove over a cement wall and onto a green at Mount Pleasant Golf Course late Saturday night.


The cement wall and the beginning of Khan’s tire tracks are above.
Police say Khan wasn’t finished. He then drove in a circle near a sand trap on the course, drove across the green about another 50 yards, took out a recycling bin full of cans, and then slammed the 2008 Scion he was driving into a large tree about 10 feet from the patio of the clubhouse.
The clubhouse was open when this happened about 11:30 p.m., and there were at least two dozen people surveying the wreckage, drinks still in hand, as I arrived to snap these photos.


You might not be shocked to learn that police say Khan was drunk at the time, though he will be summonsed into court to face charges since he was taken from the scene to Lowell General Hospital for treatment of minor injuries.
Khan will be charged with operating under the influence of alcohol, leaving the scene of a property damage accident, failure to stop at a red light, and speeding.
I haven’t been able to reach anyone at the golf course to find out how extensive the damage is, or whether it will affect play.


In addition to the damage caused to the golf course, a police report on this accident says the 2008 Scion Khan was driving wasn’t his. The car is owned by a man from Portland, Maine.
I’m sure that guy is thrilled.


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