Pedestrian Struck on Mammoth

Part of Mammoth Road is closed after a 17-year-old Dracut girl driving a Honda struck a roughly 46-year-old pedestrian and then a 22-year-old Lowell girl who was getting out of a parked car near 8th Avenue this afternoon about 3:45 p.m.
Police tell me the 22-year-old was taken to Beth Israel Hospital with a life-threatening head injury, and that she is listed in critical condition tonight.


The 22-year-old woman, unidentified so far, was taken directly to Regatta Field where a MedFlight helicopter was waiting.
The roughly 46-year-old woman who was struck first, the 17-year-old driver, and an unidentified male passenger in the 17-year-old’s car were all taken to Lowell General Hospital with non life-threatening injuries.


Police also tell me that two passengers in the 17-year-old’s car fled the scene. Police plan to identify and track down those two and find out exactly what was going on.
The second picture in this entry, of MedFlight was sent by a reader who didn’t want a photo credit, so I’d like so say thank you for that.
No charges have been filed, so far, but Lt. Timothy Crowley tells me the investigation is still in it’s preliminary stages, and that accident reconstruction is still being completed.


One response to “Pedestrian Struck on Mammoth

  1. We all later discovered that this young lady and her passengers were huffing computer cleaner and that she had passed out while behind the wheel before hitting the two women. I’m sure this driver has parents,an attorney- and enablers galore to tell her how great she is, what the latest ‘buzz’ is, and that this whole ‘situation’ is not her fault–but until such time as she and others like her are made to take full responsibility for their actions we will have more of the same: a bunch of entitled & overindulged idividuals who should be doing jail time & learning some manners, imstead of ridimg around partying

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