Rollover – OUI on Middlesex Street

Police got called to the area of 1853 Middlesex Street tonight about 10:35 p.m. for a reported rollover, and arrived to find what is pictured below.


Police say a Hyundai Tuscon driven by Christian Troix, 37, of Lowell, was outbound on Middlesex Street when it struck two parked cars and rolled onto its roof in the middle of Middlesex Street.
Troix and a passenger were both wearing seat belts, and were not injured.
Troix, though, was charged with operating under the influence of alcohol.
I know Troix, and on a personal level this sucks, but I cannot, and will not keep something out of the paper just because I know someone or consider them a friend. I hope he and the friends we share understand that. I’m glad he at least wasn’t hurt.

One response to “Rollover – OUI on Middlesex Street

  1. The key phrase and good news: “Both we wearing seat belts and were unhurt”. More like this would be nice. Driving under the influence is just more of the same, less of that would be nice.
    Everybody happy?

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