Pardon me. Is this your Buddha?

I’m not sure if you were aware.

We get some odd stories here sometimes.

Today we got an email from Lucy Del Ponte, 55, of Tewksbury, who asked us to help her reunite a lost and possibly stolen fiberglass head with its apparently long-lost owner. Del Ponte believes the head is a representation of Buddha.

Several months ago, Del Ponte was driving home on Route 38, when she spotted the fiberglass head pictured below.

“I was coming home and on top of a fire hydrant across from Dracut Appliance in Tewksbury was this head,” Del Ponte told me. “I said ‘you know, that doesn’t belong there.'”

Del Ponte initially feared the head could be a stolen religious item, possibly swiped from a temple. Co-workers have since told her that they doubt that very much, saying it appears the hollow, fiberglass head is more likely a former decoration in a restaurant.

Co-workers told her they believe the figure is a representation of Buddha’s head.

“But how can I drive around to all the Chinese restaurants in town and say ‘is this yours,'” Del Ponte asked.

She isn’t sure if the head was once attached to a larger statue. There appears to be no damage at the bottom of the figure’s neck to make it seem as it if it was broken off of anything else.

She presumes the head was stolen by a youthful prankster, or two.

“Who would put it on top of a fire hydrant on the side of Route 38 but a kid,” she asked.

Del Ponte called Lowell Police, but says they laughed. Tewksbury Police said that no one reported a stolen head. Both departments declined to store the head in case someone showed up looking for it.

Del Ponte said she put a post on Craigslist, but got no responses.

Co-workers have gotten used to Del Ponte keeping the head in her office, and have suggested she keep it as a conversation piece.

“I can’t do that if it belongs to someone,” she said. “I’d really like it to go back home even if it belongs to a restaurant and there isn’t come temple looking for their lost god.”

So if you just happen to be missing your head, give Del Ponte a call. She can be reached at 978.455.5002.


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