It’s Snowing in New England!!!

In a shocking, though early development, it is snowing in New England.

Based on the drivers who were flying by me and tailgating on Pawtucket Boulevard already tonight, I’m going to go ahead and predict plenty of increasing insurance bills for driver’s across the region.

There are already a lot of outages across the region. You can track those here. National Grid’s website for this is pretty great.

Below are estimated snowfalls from the National Weather Service, and you can check the forecast that goes with this map here.

Boxboro Police sent me a list of winter driving tips today, so you can download and take a look at those here.

If you hear of anything truly disasterous, for example trees into homes or vehicles, please send me a message at, or call me at 978.970.4674.

There is also a snow emergency parking ban in Lowell as of 10 p.m. If you park on the street tonight and end up getting towed or ticketed, please don’t say you weren’t warned.

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