Eye Gouged Out

Police got called to 412 Fletcher Street today at 11:24 a.m. for a report of a house break in progress. They went off to find a 58-year-old man sitting on the front porch holding his hand over his left eye.

Behind the hand hung the man’s eyeball, which had been forced out of its socket.

The victim, who works at Tewksbury State Hospital, according to police, told officers Christopher Owen had broken into his home and attacked him. At one point the 58-year-old fell backwards, hitting and cutting his head on a table. The 58-year-old told police Owen jumped on him and plunged a thumb into his eye socket.

Owen is pictured throughout this entry during a Sept. 6, 2009 arrest on Varney Street. In that incident, Owen was accused of breaking into a home and breaking a shovel over the arm of a resident. The resident fought back and bloodied Owen’s face.

Owen was later ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation in connection with that case, because prosecutors said in court that Owen had told officers that he was “the son of God.”

Police said last night that Owen and the victim of today’s attack knew each other through Tewksbury State Hospital.

The 58-year-old and a witness told police Owen fled 412 Fletcher Street toward the North Common after the witness tried to pull Owen off of the victim. Police arrested Owen on the common a short time later.

About 3 p.m., as Owen was being taken to court for arraignment, he allegedly sprinted away in handcuffs as soon as an officer opened the door of the prisoner transport wagon. That officer quickly caught up to Owen and took him back into custody.

Owen was then evaluated at a local hospital, so he was not arraigned. He will be arraigned Thursday in Lowell District Court.

He is charged with mayhem, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (table), assault and battery, breaking and entering, and escape.

The 58-year-old was flown to an undisclosed Boston trauma center by MedFlight, but I have no updates on his condition or on whether his eye could be saved.


8 responses to “Eye Gouged Out

  1. Son of God?! He was crucified —that being said, I sincerely hope Mr Owen gets shut away from society for a long time, instead of being coddled & indulged by some misguided,out of touch, bleeding-heart ‘professional’. How much more harm has to come to honest, hard-working people who have less rights than these useless s*&@bags doing all the damage? We already had one tragedy in January at the Shelter that more than likely could have been avoided save for stupidity .

    • I personally know Chris Owen, he is mentally ill & got worse after his girlfriend Geralda suddenly died of a heart attack…..Chris needs help not criticism

  2. Chris needs help, REAL help…………he was alot better before his girlfriend Geralda died————–we need to HELP our mentally ill neighbors & not turn our backs on them,yes he did horendous acts but he’s sick & needs help

  3. so because he is sick…its ok he gouged out someones eye after breakinging into their home……he dont need help he needs to be locked up

  4. Come on people! You can say the same thing about Hitler, “He was better before he committed genocide.” but it would change what he did. No sh!t he was better before he maimed someone. If he was doing worse things, he’d already be in prison where he belongs. There are millions of “mentally ill” people who take meds and lead normal productive lives. They don’t go around gouging out people’s eyes! Stop using that as a crutch and treat this guy for what he is, a violent freak.

  5. Give me a break! Look at the facts! He broke into a man’s house. A man that works at TSH where Mr Owen was a one tIne resident. What was there interaction at TSH? Assuming not good since Mr Owen broke into his house and attacked him. He knows right from wrong- he attempted to flee not only the scene, but court as well. Sounds like he is noncompliant with his treatment and meds. That is his choose to take or not take his medications and he chose wrongly. Should be locked away on a forensics psych floor, but budget cuts and lack of facilities prevents that.

  6. Why is it when ever someone murders, attacks, or breaks into someone home or vehicle that person’s family steps up with excuses to defend them? What about the victim here? So Geralda his girlfriend died which makes it OKAY for him to act like this? I don’t know either men. I do know that I feel for the victim. His home was invaded, he will never feel safe in his home that he will have to return to. The life long mental and physical damage Chris has caused this man is not excusable.
    Not for nothing but it sounds to me that Chris has been mentally ill for a long time before Geralda passed on. “He was a lot better before? Before his girlfriend died”??? This makes me want to get a Shar-Pei for this reason. You never know what nut is lurking outside your door at night. You never know who is going to gauge your eye ball out.

  7. The State of Massachusetts has been cutting funding and closing hospitals and treatment facilities, putting dangerously mentally ill people out into general society. I don’t care how sick someone is- once they maim, attack or kill an innocent person they need to be locked up. Yes, they should receive treatment, but society needs to be protected, too. Its easy to want the best for the aggressors and to cry about what good people they are and how they can’t help what they do, until it is YOU with the eyeball that has been gouged out, or YOUR family that has been bludgeoned to death, like Donald Rudolph who killed his family in Weymouth, or YOU who was murdered by one of your clients, like Stephanie Moulton who was killed in Revere last year by Deshawn James Chappell , or YOU who was killed at work like Officer Jupin from Westminster, who was shot and died from his wounds by an untreated man with schizophrenia named Jason Rivers, or YOUR son who attacks and kills you, like the mother in Leominster who was stabbed to death by her mentally ill son, Thomas B. Scesny, last year.

    The State, the public and the treatment communities are far too tolerant of aggression and law-breaking among the mentally ill. Due to the nature of mental illness, arrest and imprisonment in a treatment facility isn’t really a deterrent, but it is a solution.

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