“I don’t know what they were thinking.”

An entire first alarm response, at least two engines, a ladder truck, the rescue, a deputy chief, and police, rushed to the former Giant Mill at 305 Dutton Street tonight about 6 p.m., after someone spotted a fire on the roof.

The entire building was evacuated, and firefighters rushed to the roof, where they found a crew of roofers.

Photo by Tory Germann.

The roofers, according to Deputy Fire Chief Patrick McCabe, were working on the roof in the dark and filled a 5-gallon bucket with rags, and then used an accelerant to light the rags on fire as a means of providing themselves with some light to work by.

“I don’t know what they were thinking,” McCabe said.

Firefighters made sure the fire was out and that it had not extended to the building, and then ordered the roofers go call it a day.

Residents were allowed back into the building shortly after firefighters turned off the building’s fire alarm, which had been activated.


5 responses to ““I don’t know what they were thinking.”

      • WTF? Some people are definitely stuck on stupid! Sounds like some individual wanted to save the cost of hiring a real contractor by getting some down-on-their-luck people on the cheap……..

  1. Wow, I feel so much safer knowing that *this* is the kind of thing that’s going on up there. >_> At least the fire department are always lightning fast and effective–they’re usually in the building before I’ve even got my shoes on.

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