95-year-old man backs over his wife.

This is a really tough story out of Acton today.

Police say a 95-year-old Bedford man who was at Brookside Plaza, 145 Great Road, in Acton, this afternoon backed over his wife’s legs in a tragic accident in the parking lot.

Police were called to the plaza by multiple 911 calls about 1:30 p.m.

Lt. Raymond Grey said officers found that Robert Cann, 95, of Bedford, was in his car in the parking lot and at some point struck a parked car next to him. He began to back his own car up, just as his wife, 94-year-old Elinor Cann, of Bedford, was walking behind the car, according to Grey.

The car struck Elinor Cann and knocked her to the ground as Robert Cann was backing up, and the car drove over Elinor Cann’s legs, causing serious injuries, Grey said.

Elinor Cann was taken by ambulance to the Public Safety Complex at 371 Main Street, where a medical helicopter met emergency crews and flew Cann to Beth Israel Hospital in Boston. Her condition was not immediately available.

Police are reconstructing the accident and continue interviewing witnesses. The investigation is ongoing, so police would not speculate about charges or anything else before the investigation is complete.

This is a pretty horrible situation all around. I hope we all say some prayers for this family.


3 responses to “95-year-old man backs over his wife.

  1. Many may disagree, but I can’t see why we let people who are 65+ drive without some more extensive testing. When you begin to lose eyesight, hearing, memory, mobility etc. you become a severe risk to others on the road. I understand a lot of them need to get around but honestly, is anyone surprised that a 95 year old man backed over his own wife?

    • I, for one , fully support testing drivers over the age of 65 as a requirement to keep a license; I’ve seen too many people behind the wheel who clearly shouldn’t have a license have some harrowing near-misses, the most recent being the lady who missed me by about 6 inches as I crossed (walking) the VFW Highway @ Bridge St yesterday about 2:30. My sincere hope is that a law will go into effect sooner-rather than later to avert more serious and potentially tragic situations!

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