Driver identified in Billerica crash

Police have identified the man serious injured in a bizarre crash on Pollard Street in Billerica on Monday night as William Greenlaw, 45, of Dracut.

Greenlaw was taken to Lahey Clinic in Burlington after he was found unconscious and and bleeding across the front seats of the car Monday night just before 8 p.m. Police said he was unbuckled. Officer Michelle Glavin provided medical care to the man until EMS crews arrived.

Police are still investigating how the crash occurred, and photographs released today by police add to my curiosity about this crash, since they confirm what I thought at the scene, which is that there were no visible tire tracks leading to where this car ended up.

I’m also including this link to a second photo so you can see the scene at higher resolution. Was the car airborne before hitting the tree? I’m stumped. I know cars often spin after impact, so the direction the car is facing doesn’t stump me that much, but if it spun why aren’t the leaves disturbed? Why weren’t branches broken?

Billerica Police and state police are reconstructing the accident scene to determine what happened. Billerica Sgt. Roy Frost declined to comment further while that investigation is ongoing.

I’m not sure how Greenlaw is doing, but I just paged a Lahey representative to try to find out.

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