11-year-old bit in the face by family dog.

Tewksbury Police and EMS were called to 11 Valewood Circle tonight about 6:15 p.m., after someone called 911 and reported that an 11-year-old girl was “bleeding profusely” after being bitten in the face by a dog.

Dispatchers said in radio broadcasts that the girl was bit in the face by her own family’s dog, but did not identify the breed of the dog, or provide further details.

Tewksbury Police, fire, and an out-of-town ambulance from Andover are at the scene now.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Crews are still on scene. I’ll update this later if I can get more info.

4 responses to “11-year-old bit in the face by family dog.

  1. Animals bite. Will they? Don’t know. Funny how they will announce it all over kingdom come if it was a Pit but if it was a different breed they never mention the breed.

    I see way to many pet parents complain how their dog is aggressive towards their kids with out realizing they never teach their kids how to approach, play, or interact with a pet the correct way.

  2. i really hope its NOT a pitbull so people can see that pitbulls aren’t the only dogs that bite. Pits are such a misunderstood breed and its so aggravating. but i hope the poor little girls okay!

  3. A dog that bites people needs to be muzzled around people no matter the breed. 30 years ago everybody was as deathly afraid of Dobermans as they are of Pitbulls now- Responsible people will enroll their dog in an obedience course -if possible- for issues much less serious than this ………..

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