Fortunato’s Double-closed?

A second sign appeared on the front and back doors of Fortunato’s (Club 44) at 44 Palmer Street in Lowell this morning.

This one is bright red, and says the building is UNSAFE.

The sign says the building is unsafe due to “inadequate working means of egress.” It’s signed by a building inspector, and dated this morning, as you can see.

We’ve heard previously that a back door to the club was closed during the brawl that occurred on early Friday morning, and I’ve heard further that it may have been padlocked. I’m not sure if this is all because there’s still a padlock on a door, or if this concerns an actual structural issue that could take serious time to remedy.

This sign is in addition to the white sign from the Board of Health that was put up Friday morning when the Board of Health closed the restaurant.

I have a call into City Manager Bernie Lynch about this, so hopefully I’ll hear back tonight. I’ll also be calling George Eliades, who is the attorney of building owner Nick Sarris.

I’ll update as soon as I hear more.


2 responses to “Fortunato’s Double-closed?

  1. This was an area free of trouble only a few years ago; people didn’t have to worry about beatings,stabbings,brawls spilling onto the street,people p***ing on every corner,let alone on churches. Whatever conditions changed to allow this bulls**t need to be reversed!

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