Laura Metcalf meets Melanie’s Law

Pictured below is a woman Boxboro Police identify as Laura Metcalf, 28, of Boxboro.

She looks very remorseful, which is something that usually makes me think a little more of the accused. Ms. Metcalf was arrested Sunday night and charged with third-offense drunken driving.

Was she remorseful the first two times?

Police say Sgt. Brett Pelley was patrolling on Massachusetts Avenue a little before 9 p.m., when he saw an eastbound Ford Escape cross into the westbound lane.

The escape had a broken headlight and a broken taillight, according to police, and it slowed to about 15 mph before quickly turning into the parking lot of a closed business, and then back out onto the road. Police say Metcalf failed to lower the Escape’s high beams as several other vehicles passed, and that the car continued to cross the road’s center line.

Sgt. Pelley finally activated the siren and blue lights on his cruiser, but police say Metcalf didn’t stop for about a half mile. When she did stop, police say, she stopped the Escape in the middle of the travel lane on Massachusetts Avenue in front of the police station.

Police say Metcalf smelled of alcohol, had glassy, bloodshot eyes, and failed field sobriety tests.

She was charged with operating under the influence of alcohol (third offense), defective equipment, failure to stay in marked lanes, failure to dim high beams, operating with a revoked license after being deemed a habitual traffic offender, failure to stop for police, and OUI-drugs, because police say Metcalf had taken Gabatentin.

Police say Metcalf also admitted she was driving even though her license was suspended due to a prior OUI conviction, and that could be her biggest problem.

Under Melanie’s Law, passed in 2005, you face a mandatory minimum one-year in jail if you’re caught driving drunk while your license is suspended for a prior drunken driving conviction.

4 responses to “Laura Metcalf meets Melanie’s Law

  1. Drinking while on seizure meds AND driving? Thank God Ms.Metcalf got bagged before injuring herself or anybody else. The real challenge she faces is not beating her 3d DWI,or getting a lighter sentence– there are some people who can’t drink in safety, and getting 3 DWI’s is not social drinking!

  2. Time to call it a day Laura, drinking does not agree with you. But…since you will be going to jail, you will have plenty of time to reflect on that. Think of your jail sentence as an answer to your prayers and a time out from this road of self destruction. I’m not trying to be “nasty”, just honest; I’m telling you something you need to hear. You are going to jail, so get ready. Just know that its’ not the end…its an opportunity for a new beginning.

  3. This is how it is: a lot of people take seizure meds for a condition they wouldn’t have-if not for withdrawals from whatever else they are on (read:booze,coke,etc..)

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