Where is my iPad?

On Monday night, about 6:50 p.m., Lowell Police got called to a home on Bradstreet Avenue for a report of a past break-in.

A woman had arrived home, found her front door open, and discovered an iPad, jewelry, and some other items had been stolen. Capt. Kelly Richardson said the call was “routine.”

Officers Jose Lorenzi, Luis Rios, and Dan Otero arrived to investigate. When the woman reported that her iPad had been taken, Lorenzi informed the woman she could potentially use her home computer to track the location of the iPad using the iPad’s GPS function.

Lorenzi and Otero helped show the victim how to do that while Rios handled the regular aspects of investigating the house break.

Lorenzi is pictured on the left in the photo attached here. Rios is second from right. This photo is from last summer when they were among four officers lauded for helping make a gun arrest in The Acre.

Shortly after the officers left the woman’s home, she called police to report that she got a “ping” from her iPad, showing it was located just one block away at 144 Parker Street. At the same time, police got a call about a break-in at 144 Parker Street.

Police realized the two things were probably connected, so they sped to the home. The suspect had already fled, but he left the stolen iPad behind. It was recovered, and police found enough evidence to obtain an arrest warrant for a Lowell man, according to Capt. Richardson.

Richardson declined to identify the suspect since he remains on the loose. Police now have an arrest warrant and are searching for him.

I’ll bring you that guy’s identity once he’s in custody.


6 responses to “Where is my iPad?

    • Deschene, who is in custody. Lisa Redmond will have a story in tomorrow’s paper. I’m not sure if we put it on breaking news today or not. I got a tip about this last night but was unable to confirm it.

  1. That I Cloud app is actually wicked cool thing to have. I actually played with it for a bit when I got my I Phone …. its very difficult to hack also unless your a total electronics nerd which I highly doubt anyone dumb enough to break into homes are compatible of doing that.

    I just find it so funny that most people know about I-Cloud and it can be activated at any point of time. Its like trying to steal someone’s vehicle that has on star!

    • Not saying a nerd to use the app. Its pretty easy to use. A monkey could do it.

      What I am saying is its a bit more difficult to hack into apple products like I phones, pads, and comps. Not saying its not impossible.

      Most cell phones like androids and Motorola phones are easy to hack into. If someone stole one they can actually reprogram them then sell them to someone else who can actually active it as their own. There is also a way to get free cell phone service on the andriod. The only down fall to that is it does slow it down a bit if you go online or text.

      Most people who steal these gadgets have a idea that they can wipe it clean not realizing that apple has made it very difficult to do so.

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