Arrest made in Dracut carjacking

Last month I blogged and tweeted a carjacking that took place in the parking lot of the Englesby Intermediate School in Dracut, which even saw a gunshot fired into the air by a suspect.

Today, a suspect was in court.

Photo by Lisa Redmond

Lisa Redmond has a story on the arraignment of John “Jizzo” Wachago, 18, of 52 1/2 Huntington St., Lowell, who has been identified as one of the three men involved in the carjacking. Police are still seeking the other two, according to Lisa’s reporting.

Wachago is charged with carjacking, intimidation of a witness and two counts of armed robbery. He is being held since his bail was revoked on a pending breaking and entering case, and bail in this new case was set at $2,500 cash, Lisa reports.

UPDATE: Police have now made three arrests in connection with this, and the “victims” who were robbed may also face charges. Police also arrested Luis Morales, 19, of 187 Smith St., Lowell, and Francys Calderon, 18, of 35 Ash St., Unit 2, Lowell.

Deputy Chief David Chartrand didn’t want to release more information on this until all three men were in custody, and Calderon was not arrested until Wednesday morning.

Chartand now tells me the 17-year-old and 19-year-old Dracut men who were robbed here were not trying to buy marijuana. They had actually pretended to be marijuana dealers in an effort to get cash from the three named defendants. Chartrand said the 17- and 19-year-old wanted to get money from these guys to buy marijuana “or, if the opportunity presented itself, to flee with the suspect’s money.”

And the kicker?

“Conversely, it is believed that the suspects had no intention of providing money, but would rob the Dracut individuals when the marijuana was shown.

Dracut Police are now consulting with District Attorney Gerard Leone’s Office regarding whether the 17- and 19-year-olds will also be charged.

Morales is accused of being the man who held the gun and fired the shot, but all three defendants face the same charges due to joint venture: armed robbery, carjacking, and discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling, Chartrand said.

He said all three men have also been charged with intimidation of a witness because “during the course of the investigation, the suspects have levied numerous threats against potential witnesses in the investigation.”

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