MedFlight to Tewksbury for hit & run

Tewksbury Police were called to the area of 550 Whipple Road tonight at 10:41 p.m., for a report that a woman was struck by a car while walking.

Firefighters asked for a MedFlight helicopter to land at Riverview Commons by 10:50 p.m., reporting they had a female victim in her 20’s who was unconscious and only had “a slight pulse.”

The vehicle that struck the woman was described only as a sedan. It did not stop, and fled in the direction of Lowell on Whipple Road. Police found nothing when they searched the area.

UPDATE: Tewskbury Police have requested a state police reconstruction team and Crime Scene Services. The MedFlight helicopter has been cancelled. I’m not sure if that’s a good sign or a very bad sign.

UPDATE: Police radio broadcasts indicate a piece of a vehicle’s mirror was found at the scene and it’s been secured as evidence. Female patient is now on the way to Saints Medical Center in Lowell. No update on condition.

UPDATE: She arrived at Saints at 11:09 p.m.

UPDATE: The victim was still alive as of 10:50 p.m., and a detective was going to the hospital to see if she could provide police with more information.

UPDATE: This young woman is 29-years-old and, thankfully, she was treated and released at Saints. The suspect car is now described as a green sedan, possibly a Ford Taurus. It was believed to be an older model Taurus, possibly 1996 to 2000.

If you know someone with a car like that or see one with a mirror missing, please call Tewksbury Police at 978.851.7373. If you have information about this but want to remain anonymous, you can call the Crime Tip Line at 978.851.0175, or email detectives at


3 responses to “MedFlight to Tewksbury for hit & run

  1. Sounds like the typical ‘drunk car’; lot of miles on it, won’t pass inspection, a plate slapped on it. No person who has come to the point where they HAVE TO drink can afford to properly register, maintain, or have their car inspected– these requirements all cost money that this person now spends for booze, to the exclusion of everything else. More than likely they vaguely remember hitting SOMETHING and check the car the next morning when they come to for blood, new dents,etc and instinctively know they have to lay low
    The woman who was hit & this hit-and-run driver are both in my prayers……

    • Wow, you really think that because the car is 15 – 20 years old a drunk owns it? You got “a lot of miles on it, won’t pass inspection, a plate slapped on it” from “a green sedan, possibly a Ford Taurus”? You should go work for the police, you’d make a GREAT detective! You could solve every case in no time! Well, detective, did you ever consider perhaps it was an elderly driver? Whipple Rd is pretty dark that time of night, they may not have seen the person they hit. Or maybe it was a young driver who panicked?

      What happened in your life that you immediately jumped to drunk driver with an illegal car? Whatever it was, I’m sure you can find a therapist to help with it.

      • Would you be singing the same tune if either the driver or the victim in this crash were a friend or a family member? Use your brain!

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