Alleged Tewksbury formula thieves

I tweeted a few times yesterday as Tewksbury Police sped to the Walmart on Route 38 for a report of some guys stealing baby formula shortly after a previous incident in which they had allegedly taken 86 cans of formula.

I didn’t think this was a huge deal. I tweeted to explain the police response heading to Walmart.

But Lisa Redmond covered the arraignment of the two suspects arrested in this case, and it turns out they’re accused of much more than just trying to feed their own kids.

Dung Van Pham, 38, of Lowell, and Danh Gong Tran, 39, of Worcester, are accused of taking over $3,600 worth of formula over three days — taking more than 80 cans in each theft. The cans of formula are valued at about $15 per can.

Phan is pictured above. Tran is pictured below, on the right, with his lawyer, who is on the left. Both photos are by Lisa Redmond.

Lisa reports people often steal baby formula not to feed their kids, but because it’s so valuable and can be sold on the black market or to smaller stores. Formula can also be used by drug dealers to cut cocaine.

Pham is being held on $1,500 cash bail. Tran was ordered held on $500 cash bail.

Click this link to download the press release I just got from Tewksbury Police regarding this theft.


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