Child pornography arrest

It was probably tough to get through today without seeing at least one report on Operation Corral, a state, local and federal sweep aimed at arresting those who view and peddle child pornography.

For the full state police press release on the operation, download this pdf.

Of all the defendants rounded up, only one was from this area. He was Joseph Stasio, 58, of 145 Bellevue St., Lowell. He is pictured below in a photo provided by state police.

According to Cara O’Brien, spokeswoman for District Attorney Gerard Leone, Stasio was arraigned on April 2 in Lowell District Court on two counts of possession of child pornography and one count of distribution of material of a child in the nude.

O’Brien was not sure what Stasio’s bail was set at. A man who answered the telephone tonight at a listing for Stasio at 145 Bellevue Street said Stasio wants to be left alone.

For photographs, charges, addresses and other information on the other 31 people arrested during this sweep, just download this pdf.


11 responses to “Child pornography arrest

  1. Those who comment, please be mindful of the innocent family involved. Remember that harsh words sting deep and can hurt beyond the one person they are intended for.

    • What about the innocent children involved? People who watch child pornography are the ones most likely to molest their other family members with out even anyone knowing until the child grows up and comes out with it. Keep that in mind.

  2. I am embarrassed and almost ashamed to have the same last name as this man. He is a registered sex offender and deserves to rot in prison for ruining the lives of innocent children. My heart goes out to the families and victims this man has hurt.

  3. he stayed overnight with my nephews boy scout troop! this should be investigated past child porn! sick to my stomach

      • This makes me sick to my stomach. This filthy man was around me for some of the years I was in the boy scouts. He deserves to rot in prison. It gives me the shivers thinking about how many young kids he was around. He was also involved in youth groups and music groups. Luckily he never laid a hand on me, but my heart goes out to every single person his filthy paws touched. You know how you have a gut feeling about how something doesnt seem right? He is not right in the head at all. Not filling out a CORRY form was an instant red flag. After that he was not allowed on any more boy scout trips. Thank god. This is pathetically sick. Disguisting….

  4. This man is SICK!!! He was a scout leader and was very active in his church running children’s events!!! He is known for going after boys and girls pictures are NOTHING to what this man can really do! As for family members some of them may of fallen victim ! No one should protect him he should be locked up!

  5. This man has hurt many children over the years. Things much worse than child porn. I know this is true because I fell victim to this man many years ago. He preys on young children, male or female. No child is safe as long as this man is on the street. It will all come out soon enough and their will be many more people to come forward with their stories on what this man did to them. He deserves to rot in hell. Really wish MA had the death penalty because that is what this man deserves. His family has known for many years what he has done and what he is capable of and they have done NOTHING to stop him. The only ones I feel bad for in this situation is his children, They dont deserve to go through this. As for everyone else they are just as bad as he is for not stopping him a long time ago.

  6. I have also known this man for years. I have seen him grow up with my son and he has never laid a hand on him. He has done nothing but worked his ass off to take care of his family. As for his dedications, he has spent years bending over backwards to help his church and the boy scouts when his sons were involved. For those of you who commented that know him all so well, remember all he has done for you as well. You guys are just as sick for being so quick to judge. I bet he has done something for you when you were in need. He is a man that would give the shirt off his back if need be. Now though I don’t believe what he has done is right, he has been exposed to a lot of shit growing up. Different people go down different paths when that must endure a terrible childhood. Before you go to point fingers and be judgmental, maybe you should look at yourselves first.

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