Fraudulent identification

What started as an immigration investigation conducted by Boxboro Police and ICE also led to state-level identity fraud charges this week, when Boxboro Police say they found a falsified driver’s license and Social Security card on a woman arrested on an immigration detainer.

Boxboro Police say they were tipped off that Elizangela Santos, 34, who lives in Clinton, was working in Boxboro under an assumed identity even though she was believed to be in the country illegally.

Boxboro Police and ICE started an investigation that led to ICE getting a detainer warrant for Santos.

When police pulled Santos over in a motor vehicle on Monday in Boxboro, they say she had a falsified driver’s license and a falsified Social Security card. Boxboro Police also say Santos is believed to have numerous aliases. You can read the press release on Santos’ arrest here.

Santos was arraigned Tuesday in Ayer District Court on counts of identity fraud, possession of a false driver’s license, giving a false name to police, unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, and being a fugitive from justice. After arraignment she was turned over to ICE on the immigration detainer.


8 responses to “Fraudulent identification

  1. If she is working here then what is the problem? Thge term identity theft should be used when someone steals someone else’s identity and commits theft. This is just a woman trying to work here. The rules we have in place now reward people who come here to sit on their duff and do nothing and collect a check, all with a wink from the state. If they try to work instead they are punished and deported. Is this the new America?

    • Social security numbers are often stolen from dead people, since those numbers cannot be forged, this is identity theft. If you read the article, she wasn’t just living here illegally, she was using a fake name. In the case of the company she was working for, which I won’t divulge, her employment was a massive breach of US Law.

      Also I don’t know many illegal immigrants on welfare, that has always been something the right says just to stir up people, the reality is less true. Many illegals do work, the fact is they keep low profile employment as to not get in trouble, ICE wouldn’t have gone after a couple landscapers, you just don’t know the full story of this woman.

    • hey there are good and honest illegals people who supports families in all USA, is nobodys foul so please dont be such a hater… also police and ICE should be chasing drug dealer, gangs, domestic abuse, and people who has legal papers and likes to declare unemployment… not good poeple !!!

      John Doe…

      note reply from south america!!

  2. Give me a break people, there is no excuse for being in this country illegally, and if you knew more about this women than just what you read you would know she got what she deserved!

  3. I knew this woman personally, and she may have done some things the wrong way, but she was a hard worker, a great mom, a fabulous friend, and you know what, she might have had done the right way if the country had given her and so many other good people the oportunity to do it so, there has not been a way to get legal for a very long time. The truth if that you actually don’t know her, and you don’t know what she deserves, how much she fought to raise her daughters. America has to realize that they need imigrants and to legalize the ones that deserve it, the country’s was founded on their work, or it will sink definitely, and it is almost there.

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