Attempted abduction in South Lowell?

City police are searching the area around Gorham and Saratoga streets after a woman called police and reported an older white male in a green van or SUV tried to lure her 9-year-old daughter into a car.

The man in the car reportedly yelled to the girl to come to him and get in the car. The girl refused and ran away.

The mother and child are safe at home now. City police have been asked to keep an eye out for the vehicle, and state police just put out a stop and hold as well.

Officer Lane just broadcast an updated description: Police are looking for a green, older model Ford Expedition. The driver is an older white male with gray, balding hair. He is swearing a gray sweatshirt.

UPDATE: Police investigated this incident and now say it was a misunderstanding. The girl was never in danger and the man described was not a threat.

That being said, police also say that this girl reacted to the situation in just the way that police encourage all children to react if they believe they’re approached by someone they don’t know.

Get away, tell your parents, tell police, and let the police sort things out.

Misunderstanding or not, this young lady sounds pretty smart and she did just what she should have done.


8 responses to “Attempted abduction in South Lowell?

  1. my mother was sitting @the park w my kids,but were she was sitting on a stone low to the street you could not see her from the 11 yr old and 4 yr old were playing when my mother noticed a white male in his 50’s pull over in his black truck an begin to just watch and stare at my daughter. she was in her own world,as 11 yr olds are when playing,and did not notice the man watching her. when my mother realised,she stood up from sitting and he saw her. immediately the man pulled off as quick as he could.god knows what was going through his mind.perhaps he would have tried abducting her.i dont know.very scary.this is why you should never let young kids go off and play by themselves with no adult.

  2. what is this world coming too.. back in the day we could go any where we wanted with no worries in the i am afraid to let me 19 yr old out of the house..

      • There are certainly no shortages of creeps in the area despite this. I’m going to be a father, in Centralville, in mid-August. I’m already starting to worry!

      • Congrads! That’s awesome.youre right! These creeps aren’t just in Centerville.just know that it only takes a second and that your not except from something bad happening and your little one will be friends think I’m nuts but I don’t kids are Never allowed out without me.not to wait for the bus,not to take out trash,not to check the mail, have been known to be stolen out of there own cribs.adults go missing,for gods have to be over protective these of all people knows what’s out there in these streets.your going to be a great dad:)

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