Lowell connection to double murder?

It has been a peaceful and quiet night here in Greater Lowell, but before my shift today I heard from a friend at a Boston television station that Joseph Wright, 23, of Lynn, might have some family in Lowell.

In case you haven’t been watching the news, Wright was arrested in Canada this morning in connection with the deaths of his mother and grandmother, both of whom were found near an elementary school with their throats slit.

I checked and couldn’t find any information on a sister or family member here in Lowell, but if you read the Boston Herald story I linked to above, you’ll see The Herald dug up some arrests Wright had here in Lowell.

I found two arrests in our arrest logs that could be the same guy, but I have no way of knowing. Those arrests are listed here and here, and you’ll notice the Joseph Wright they involve listed addresses in Lowell.

I asked around the police station a bit but I didn’t run into any cops who knew him.

UPDATE: In response to this blog post, I got a call from a woman who would not give her name, but who said she is a relative of Wright. She did not want to say exactly how she is related, but she said Wright spent most of his life in Lowell, living most of his life on 18th Street, and later moving to Second Street in Centralville.

She said Wright attended Greater Lowell Technical High School for several years, and later switched to Lowell High School before dropping out. She said he later joined the Army through the recruiting office here in Lowell.

The woman who claims to be Wright’s relative said he was actually “a normal teenager.”

“I took myself out of some really bad situations and made something of myself and he’s the one who guided me in that direction,” this woman told me. She was crying when she said that, so unless she was just ginning up the tears she sounded pretty honest to me.

She described Wright as funny, and outgoing. He was adventurous, and liked to ride his bike, she said. She said his favorite teacher was health teacher Dennis Krysiak, a very well-known LHS teacher who only recently passed away.

“He was your average boy,” this woman said.

She said Wright never had much of a relationship with his mother, and that he had only recently begun to reconnect with his mother. She said he didn’t have a good support structure within his family, although she said Wright’s father did the best he could with quite a few kids.

She said her family doesn’t want to talk, but that she thought she might be able to give a little insight on Wright.

It’s tough to quote someone so anonymously, so I doubt we’ll report this stuff in print unless we can confirm a lot of it independently, but here on the blog I’ll present it to you as I have it. Take it with a grain of salt.

I can’t confirm it at all, but I’ve asked reporters who are working on Thursday to continue pursuing this story.

“I just talked to him a couple days ago and he said things weren’t going to well,” the woman said. “He said he was going down a bad path and doing things he wasn’t supposed to do. I told him I would always be there for him. This isn’t the Joseph I know or the Joseph I grew up with.”

If you know or recall Mr. Wright and would be willing to talk to us, please contact my city editor, Chris Scott, by emailing cscott@lowellsun.com, or by calling 978.970.4648.


8 responses to “Lowell connection to double murder?

  1. He def went to the voke I remember not a bad kid. But lazy, skipped class often. I work in discipline so I saw him numerous times but for small stuff like cutting class

      • I guess no one knew him. I call bullshit.

        I feel like I failed because no one wants to step up and tell this kid’s story.

        Good job Lowell. Thanks. Lets pretend none of us knew this guy.

        Bigone: thank you for having the courage to talk about your life experiences.

      • The family doesn’t want to talk because everything that has been said has been twisted around already. The media has been horrible. They needed to show compassion to the family. This is not easy at all. Everyone has already made up their mind about Jojo anyways. He was a good good! He had a shitty life. His mother gave him and his sister up to states custody when they were little. May she RIP but she was a horrible person. Not that it makes it ok for him to of done this. His father fought for custody and finally won. He did the best he could as a single father. He is in no way perfect, but he tried. No one saw the signs because no one would ever imagine in a million years this would happen. He was a kind soul that got caught up going down the wrong path. Most of his family will stick by him for this ordeal, Because he is family and that is what should happen!

    • Is this comment for real? “A troubled family that worshiped the John Barleycorn.” I love seeing comments from people that really have no idea.

  2. There is just one thing that lacks the most amount of fact… The media has not twisted anyone’s words… What has the family even really said??? That they have not said to everyone else??? I don’t think it’s nice to spit on a dead woman’s grave! When the crime hits so close to home.. And in your home!! As in family… And your blood lines… The last thing you want to think of is… How good of a kid was who did the crime! I do not deny he is a great kid who has a giant heart! Who wants to hear the kid who did this was normal and had the ability to love a rock??? The media does not want that!! They want this evil monster whome has a lengthy rap sheet that could lead up to this… Hoping there was a sign!!! But petty shit??? Isn’t what lead to this! Who knows what it was? Maybe we will never know! But! I love jojo! That’s that

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