12-year-old struck in hit and run

The 12-year-old boy pictured below told police he was struck by a gray or blue car with a female driver in the parking lot of Walgreens at Plain and Chelmsford streets tonight.

Fortunately, the boy did not appear to have a serious injury.

He called police about 10 p.m., but told officers he was struck about an hour earlier by a woman who didn’t stop. He then went to his friends house before realizing his leg was really hurt and calling police.

Officers searched the area for the offending motor vehicle, but the boy was struck an hour before he called. Officers didn’t find anything.

It’s pretty sad when a 12-year-old gets hit by a car and no one even stops to see if he’s okay.

In other news, there was also a two-car crash that forced police to briefly close Nesmith Street, at Rogers Street, tonight about 10:30 p.m., but there were no serious injuries reported. It sounded like it caused quite a mess, though.



7 responses to “12-year-old struck in hit and run

  1. Sad but not surprising I am on crutches was tryimg to leave Target the other day and one of the EMPLOYEES came out the door behind me and pushed past me like his hair was on fire and his ass was catching Very sarcastically I said oh gee I’m sorry he says oh its ok I.said no its not.you could’ve said excuse me before you damn near knocked me over…he looked at me like I was insane…nice manners idiot…no one cares.anymore Rob…fender bender in front of Walgreens.on Plain St traffic had stopped.to let a turning car.go left into Walgreens lady in an explorer flying up the right lane hits the turning vehicle she was speeding but it will be the other guy’s fault because he failed to yield…people are just in such a rush they notice NOTHING anymore

  2. I know this isn’t a 6 year old we’re talking about, but still…why was this kid even at Walgreens that late at night on a school night?

    • Because, in case you haven’t noticed, in this city it is apparently FINE to let your kids run amock…I was in Target in day with my son who was 12 at the time…the rule with him is “on my hip”, as he has autism and ADHD and the attention span of a humming bird so he is NEVER more than an arms reach from me. We stepped into the toy department to find a little boy no more than 3 years old crying his eyes out calling for his mom..I told him he was safe with me and I was going to help him find his Mommy…security shows up.and tries to take him but I made it clear I was not letting that child out of my sight until we found the mother, which we did, in the women’s department on the other side of the store…I RIPPED HER A NEW ONE IN FRONT OF EVERYONE, and all she could say to me was “he won’t stay with me” I told her he is 3 years old you do NOT give him a choice..and then I noticed.SHE WAS PREGNANT with another one…God forgive me but I told her she had better get her tubes tied after she had that one because if she couldn’t keep track of one (he would have been in the carriage if he were mine,.but silly me when I suggested that she said well then where will I put my clothes that I am buying? I swear to God) Then I told her approximately how many sex offenders live in Lowell, and she just looked at me…When I told her she was sooooo lucky that I didn’t call the police and report her for neglect she said if I had she would have sued…I told her some people should be sterilized at birth and just walked away shaking my head…all this time my son was in his little world and never let go of my hand..some people are too stupid and selfush to be allowed to reproduce…sorry it’s so long but I see it all the time and DCF let’s these people keep their children…Target called.the police anyway and I told them what happened because they found me, but I will bet money that idiot still has her kids and probably is cooking the third one as we speak…

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