Homeless woman burned

Emergency crews were called to the VFW Highway, near Beaver Brook, at 6:30 p.m., for what was initially thought to be an accident involving a pedestrian.

Instead, officers say they found  an unidentified woman who was intoxicated and suffering from second-degree burns to her back.

I’m told the woman was under the influence of something, so she wasn’t all that capable of telling police what happened. She believed someone set her on fire, but police are investigating whether she just fell asleep and rolled too close to an open flame in a homeless encampment on the river bank.

Police said there are about a dozen makeshift tents in the encampment that is between VFW Highway and the river. The woman was said to be wearing no pants. She walked along a path to the road and flagged someone down to get help.

There is a gap in the chain link fence that runs along the VFW Highway, leading to a trail that leads back to the homeless encampment. The encampment is tough to see this time of year, but when the leaves fall off the trees the blue tarps that makeup the some of the makeshift tents are usually visible from the road.

The woman who was burned was taken to a city hospital for treatment. Her injuries were not believed to be life-threatening.

A man carrying groceries was struck by a car in the same spot back in January.

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