A good deed in the crime blog

This isn’t a page one story or anything, but after six days of vacation, I thought it was a good way to get back to work.

I wasn’t even officially back at work yet today when I stopped by the main post office in Lowell. As I was on my way back to my car in the parking lot, an elderly woman asked me if I had a coat hanger in my car. She was locked out of her own car.

A Lowell Police officer was already helping the woman, but was having a tough time getting the door unlocked.

I thought I may have had a coat hanger in my trunk, so I opened it to check. Before I could even check, though, Officer Sergio Maldonado managed to get the woman’s door unlocked, earning a very heartfelt “thank you.”

I’m pretty sure Maldonado doesn’t know who I am, so I kept quiet and drove away since I had another stop to make before work. I thought it was worth a line or two on the blog, though, even if it’s not big news. I get paid to observe, after all.

And before anyone says this is a cheesy entry or butt kissing, let me just say that Maldonado is the only police officer in the state to ever give me a speeding ticket.

He caught me speeding under the Hunts Falls Rotary on my way to a reported crash in Dracut while I was working one night several years ago.

I had a bit more fun watching him in action today.


One response to “A good deed in the crime blog

  1. Yay Officer Maldonado!!! And nice Rob…giving him kudos in the blog…they never get the credit they deserve….they do a very difficult job…

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