Good advice from Lowell Police

Here is a mental image I first pictured quite a few years ago when I first started covering crime.

A guy, possibly an addict, walks down a street at night, trying the door handle on each car he passes to see if the car is unlocked. If the car is unlocked, he checks to see what is inside.

Think that’s just my imagination?

Lowell Police say there were 258 car breaks in Lowell between the first of the year and May 13. Of those, 132, or 51 percent, involved cars that were left unlocked.

“It is much easier for a suspect to wander the neighborhood undetected looking for unlocked vehicles that they can enter and rummage through looking for valuables,” Capt. Kelly Richardson wrote in a prepared statement.

Police sent out a press release this week to remind everyone in Lowell to lock their cars – harden their targets, and also to avoid leaving valuables in plain sight.

Those who commit car breaks will occasionally use force to break a window and enter a car, but most of the time they will only do so if they spot valuables inside a car, whether it be change, a GPS, or other electronics.

Police are also encouraging residents to never leave valuables in plain sight inside their cars.

“The culprits will only take the risk of detection by smashing a window if the risk of detection is outweighed by the value of the property in plain view, such as iPads, laptops, GPS units, etc.,” Richardson wrote.

As always, police encourage everyone to keep an eye out for suspicious activity, and to call them if you see something out of the ordinary. Police will be glad to do the work for you to figure out whether things are amiss.

Lowell Police can be reached at 978.937.3200.

You can also follow Lowell Police on Facebook or Twitter, by clicking the links provided.

6 responses to “Good advice from Lowell Police

  1. I had a couple empty CD cases (and maybe a $10 pair of sunglasses) stolen out of my car on Bridge St earlier this year. I debated reporting it, but decided not to based on my last experiences dealing with the LPD for the same thing. First the officer berated me for where I live, then he berated me for leaving my car unlocked, then the LPD did nothing when the Staties arrested the person who had my stuff. The state police called me to say the property was recovered and I could put in a request to pick it up in (I think) Woburn… (I never did.)

  2. I had my car window smashed and items stolen on market st behind the historical park and I saw the perps and gace a desricption and the cops said you have insurance call em

    • You should pass that type of information on to police. Call the chief’s office at 978.937.3225.

      Police commanders spend most of their careers trying to get people to call police. If and when officers on the street sabotage those efforts with that type of attitude, residents should definitely report it.

      • Report the police to the police? That’s a good one, I’m sure they’ll follow up and discipline this guy immediately.

  3. Wow. That seems like an insanely high number of break ins. Thanks for assuring me that I’m not being paranoid by locking my car everywhere I go. I still have never had my car broken into, but maybe that’s because my beat up ’97 Corolla doesn’t give the illusion that there’s anything expensive inside.

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