Prostitution sting in Nashua

Prostitution is a crime that tends to outrage city residents. Even one of my editors occasionally stops to speak to me when he notices that prostitutes are being more visible than usual during his ride home from work early in the morning here in Lowell.

As a result of the complaints the activity tends to generate, police are often eager to share information when they conduct a sting to crack down on prostitution.

That is exactly what happened in Nashua last week, where police say an “uptick in complaints” from residents led the Problem Oriented Policing Unit to conduct a week-long sting on prostitution activity at locations around the city.

The sting led to 12 arrests, and Nashua Police released this very well-formated PDF with the mugshots, identities and charges against those arrested. Check it out. A sample of the PDF is above, showing the only local resident arrested in the sting.

I think I found a Facebook profile for Kelly Galvin, of Tyngsboro, who was the only local person caught up in the sting, but she has her privacy settings pretty locked down. The only thing I could really see was that earlier this year she changed her relationship status from “single” to “it’s complicated.”

It’s very, very complicated if Galvin is guilty of the charges she faces.

Police also put out this press release explaining the sting.

Anyone with information on prostitution in Nashua is asked to call police at 603.594.3500, or the Nashua Crime Line, where you can leave anonymous tips, at 603.589.1665.

4 responses to “Prostitution sting in Nashua

  1. Good hopefully now they can clean up Appleton st and my street westford st ugh. Nasty girls really get a job, go get ur education, get a hobby or something other then prostitution.

  2. It is what it is-before we all castigate the prostitutes take a look at the well-heeled s***bags who give some young girl a line about becoming a glamorous model, getting her hooked on whatever kinda drugs- then turning the girl out on the street & forcing her to ‘work’ w/ threats and/or violence -them pocketing HER considerable earnings, which go to finance their expensive clothes,jewelry,and cars- while the girls exist @ subsistence levels….

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