Choked until she was unconscious

Shawn Carpenter, 26, of 31 Spring Street Extension in Lunenburg, is being held without bail today since Townsend Police say he assaulted his girlfriend with a knife, tried to rape her, and then choked her until she was unconscious on Saturday night.

Carpenter was arrested at his mother’s house in Lunenburg Saturday about 11 p.m., by Lunenburg Police and state police.

In a prepared statement, Townsend Police Chief Erving Marshall says Carpenter went to his girlfriend’s apartment on Turnpike Road in Townsend on Saturday, assaulted his girlfriend with a knife, and then choked her until she lost consciousness.

The girlfriend, who police are not identifying, later regained consciousness only to have Carpenter start choking her again, according to Marshall. The woman managed to escape the second time, locked herself in a bathroom and called 911 on her cell phone.

Marshall understandably doesn’t provide any details, but in addition to other charges Carpenter is charged with assault with intent to rape. He is also charged with attempted murder and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Carpenter was arraigned today in Ayer District Court, where he was ordered held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing on June 22.


8 responses to “Choked until she was unconscious

    • I agree, and I’m pretty sure the statute says strangulation too. That’s why any attempt to strangle is an almost automatic attempted murder charge. That being said, “choked” is the word used by Townsend Police.

  1. I hope this s***bag has a blast in Shirley or Cedar Junction-he’ll definitely be shown the same respect he gave that young lady Saturday night!

    • thank you for the support i have seen on this site. anyone who has had an experience such as this would understand the sensitivity involved and how it will most certainly take the victim many many years of therapy and counseling/support to be capable of regaining any sense of a normalcy once again. what i am seeing here is truly people reacting from the heart.

  2. I hope this s***bag has a blast in Baranowski or Cedar Junction-where he’ll be shown the same respect he gave that young lady Saturday night! And he will learn an important new survival skill: makeup application….

  3. What a douch… I hate when little boys like this abuse women. I wonder if he ever heard the saying “ya get what you give”, sleep tight new man!!

  4. this happened in the building next to mine, it’s shame no one heard anything other than the possible breaking around 11 o clock. but all the real mess happened around 4am the following morning, if i had heard something going on like this i would’ve bashed this bastard’s head in with my baseball bat. Now i have to be on alert more often because of this bullshit to protect my 3 year old son and wife from assholes like that. burn in hell you piece of shit. this apt. complex never had to deal with crap like this since ive been here

  5. Yea, “Concerned”, the fact of the matter is it DOES happen and NO ONE in the complex does a thing about it. I know FIRST HAND no one will call for help when they hear SCREAMING and BANGING in the middle of the night. No one called 911 for ME when it was happening to ME and my ex nearly killed me on several occasions…quit blowing hot air..

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