Four-car crash in Tyngsboro

I got an email tonight from my fellow blogger Mikhail Higley, of Tyngsboro, who sent a picture and some information about a four-car crash on Westford Road in Tyngsboro that occurred on June 15.

Mikhail sent the picture included here, and posted the following account of the crash on his blog.

This evening around 5:30 a call came in for a four car MVA on Westford road right in front of Tyngs Tarry. Police and fire responded. When fire got there they were told there were no injuries so they left and went to a medical on Frost Road. I also responded. I spoke with one of the parties that told me that a white Honda accord slammed into his car and it was the domino effect through all of them. Only one car was damaged enough to be towed. Luckily no one was hurt.

For those who don’t remember from previous posts, Mikhail is a 13-year-old young man from Tyngsboro who runs his own emergency blog in Tyngsboro. You can also like his blog on Facebook by clicking on this link.

Mikhail reports that, up until recently, things had been fairly quiet in Tyngsboro.


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