Rabies in Pelham

Pelham Police have issued a public health advisory containing advice for protecting yourself and your pets from rabies since state officials have confirmed that a raccoon captured in town on Monday was rabid.

Police say the raccoon and a dog got into a fight Monday on Township Road, and that the dog’s owner was able to get the pet inside before contacting the town’s animal control officer.

The raccoon was captured and taken to the State of New Hampshire Public Health Laboratory for testing, which confirmed it was rabid.

Rabies isn’t the easiest disease to get, but once a person or animal shows symptoms of it, the disease is almost always fatal.

Download this advisory from Pelham Police for more information on rabies and how you can protect yourself and your pets.

In case your wondering, I’m told that the dog that battled the rabid raccoon is doing just fine.

2 responses to “Rabies in Pelham

  1. Hate when that happens..glad the dog is OK….remember all….if you see a raccoon or a skunk out in the daytime, as they are nocturnal animals…and if that animal is acting strangely, if they are wobbly on their feet or more aggressive than you would think they should be, retreat and call animal control…they are probably rabid…rabies attacks the nervous system and as it progresses causes unsteady gait or walking and behavior changes…..bottom line step off and call 911…animal control and police are trained to handle these animals…be careful out there folks!!

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