Response Time

Tonight at 7:45 p.m., Lowell Police and Lowell Fire were both dispatched to the Textile Memorial Bridge on University Avenue because a young man called a suicide hotline and said he was preparing to jump from the bridge.

The fall from the bridge is fatal. The year 2006 taught me that.

One young man fell from the bridge, and another jumped two months later.

The fence that is now on the side of the bridge was erected in 2006 as a result of Brandon McDonald’s fall.

Police and fire took no chances here.

Officer Sergio Maldonado was at a call near Aiken Avenue and VFW Highway, and made it to the bridge in somewhere between 30 seconds and one minute, according to a street supervisor I spoke to.

Firefighters arrived a short time later.

By 7:46 p.m., firefighters radioed confirmation that the young man was safe.

The young man who was thinking of jumping was cooperative, and was taken away by Trinity Ambulance. Since this isn’t a criminal matter, he will not be identified, and I did not take his photograph. He’s obviously been through enough.

I thought that a response time of less than a minute was worth at least a post, though.

So was the fact that this young man was smart enough to call for help when he needed it.

2 responses to “Response Time

  1. I hope he gets the help he needs….good for him that he asked for it…that means that he really wanted it…bravo young man…no matter what you have been through nothing is worth wasting a young life…praying for him…

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