Robbery on Cross Street in Lowell

UPDATE: I reworked this entire entry now that the suspect is in custody and I’ve been able to learn more details.

Tonight at 7:20 p.m., Lowell Police Sgt. Jack Cullen saw two men struggling on Cross Street, near Cork Street, and drove toward them to intervene. As he did, a 56-year-old Lowell man who was involved in the struggle yelled to Cullen that he had just been robbed.

The 56-year-old reported he was robbed of his iPhone by a Hispanic male with a knife.

An initial description was broadcast of a Hispanic male in a red shirt and jean shorts. Officers stopped two men fitting that description nearby, but the victim said they were the wrong men.

The victim later revised his description and said the suspect was a shirtless Hispanic male with a slim build, who wore jean shorts and had tattoos on both arms.

At 9:15 p.m., police dispatchers got a call from someone reporting the man involved in the robbery was in an apartment in the North Canal Apartments in the 200 block of Moody Street.

Officer Sheryl Mercier was working a private detail in the area and spotted the suspect, who ran while Mercier was in pursuit around the Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell and then back toward the North Canal Apartments.

There, on the side of Father Morissette Boulevard, Officer Kevin Gillan grabbed the fleeing suspect and took him into custody.

Domingo Schmidt, 39, of 170 Father Morissette Boulevard, Unit F, was initially arrested on an existing warrant for breaking and entering and larceny over $250. The details of why he was wanted on that warrant were not immediately available tonight.

A few hours later, while Schmidt was in custody, police added a charge of armed robbery in connection with the Cross Street incident.

Keep your eyes out for more updates on this entry in the coming days. It sounds like the investigation into Schmidt is just getting started.

Schmidt is being held tonight, pending his arraignment Wednesday in Lowell District Court.

2 responses to “Robbery on Cross Street in Lowell

  1. I listened to the chase on the scanner…I JUMPED OUT OF MY CHAIR AND CHEERED when I heard “slow them down 1 IN CUSTODY”….Bravo LPD….I will sleep a little sounder tonight…..

  2. Nice! Now the challenge is the courts, where it often seems the accused have more rights than honest citizens ……hope this s***bag gets a real judge. Thank you to our police for making our city safer for decent people .

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