Stealing from the graveyard

Here’s a classy one.

Lowell Police got a 911 call Wednesday afternoon at 3:11 p.m., from a 35-year-old Salisbury woman who told police her 73-year-old father was chasing a man who had just stolen cash from her pocketbook while she and her parents visited a grave in the St. Patrick’s Cemetery.

Police swarmed the area, but were unable to locate the suspect, described as a white male, about 40-years-old, balding, in a gray and blue shirt.

The 35-year-old Salisbury woman told police she was visiting a grave with her 65-year-old mother and 73-year-old father, who are from Methuen, when her mother noticed that a man had opened the door of the family’s van, which was parked about 30 feet away.

The family saw the suspect take cash out of the 35-year-old’s purse and then take off running.

The 73-year-old father chased the suspect, but lost him behind 1100 Gorham Street.

Police tell me they have an idea of who the suspect is. I will be very very happy to bring you his name if he is arrested.

4 responses to “Stealing from the graveyard

  1. That is just FRIGGIN CHARMING! Gotta lock your fkn doors at the cemetery now? What does the BOLO read? Stop and hold balding douchebag running away after ripping off a poor lady visiting a grave? Just gets better and better…WTF?

  2. I have heard of this crime happening in another city. It seems like it’s just not safe to go out and do anything anymore. I work and live in Lowell. I have met many friends in Lowell. I just hate how these crimes have become an everyday event. I’m sorry to say I am looking forward to moving out of Lowell.

    • Unfortunately, it can happen anywhere if you don’t lock your doors.
      Not blaming the victims, but you have to make life more difficult for the desperate people these days

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