Armed robbery for Adderall

Here’s something I haven’t seen before.

A 19-year-old Lowell man, Joshua Brand, is being held on a single count of armed robbery after police say he passed a note at the CVS pharmacy at 1815 Middlesex Street this morning at 12:15 a.m., and demanded bottles of the ADHD drug Adderall.

Police say the note suggested Brand had a gun, and that he escaped the store with six bottles of the prescription drug, which has grown in popularity in recent years as many students use it, often without a prescription, to aid their studies.

Police were called to the store for a report of a robbery in progress at 12:15 a.m., and officers were warned that the suspect was potentially armed.

The suspect was described as a white male, in his 20’s, in a black sweatshirt.

Police say Officers Timothy Whalen and Jason Gatto spotted a man fitting that description on Middlesex Street as they sped toward the store, and  stopped him with help from a UMass Lowell police officer.

Police say they found six bottles of Adderall and a note still in the man’s pocket.

The suspect was identified as Brand, according to police.

Brand was still being held as I type this. He will be arraigned Monday in Lowell District Court.

I surveyed some folks on Facebook and Twitter since this is a very popular prescription drug these days, and it appears individual pills of Adderall can sell for $10 to $15. The Wikipedia entry on Adderall, that I linked to above, says pills can sell for anywhere from $5 to $25, depending on the time of year. (I’m sure the price goes up during finals week, etc).


8 responses to “Armed robbery for Adderall

    • after all.. that is his job at the “lowell sun police line BLOG” to blog about the incidents that happen locally jack**s…

  1. Pretty sure he reported on a robbery, doesn’t say this guy had a drug problem anywhere. If he needs help there are better ways to get it. Blame the reporter, it must be his fault your friend is a mess.

  2. Food for thought: there must be a problem for someone to pull a pharmacy stick-up to get what they need & that has absolutely no bearing on character, only on desperation……

    • If you’re friend didn’t want his name in the paper for stealing adderall from a pharmacy, he shouldn’t have robbed a pharmacy for adderall. Robert Mills didn’t pass judgement on your friend whatsoever, but I will…pills such as xanax or oxycontin are so physically addicting that it doesn’t surprise me when someone sticks up a pharmacy for them. But robbing a pharmacist for ADDERALL? Your friend is a low life who should seek help rather than putting others at risk to fuel his pathetic addiction.

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