This is not a law enforcement officer

I know, I know. That might seem obvious.

But when the man pictured below allegedly used a black Dodge Charger to stop another vehicle on Lakeview Avenue near Makos Street in Tyngsboro on Saturday afternoon, things weren’t quite so clear.

Especially not since police say the man pictured below flashed what appeared to be a badge.

Tyngsboro Police tell me they were contacted Saturday at 3:49 p.m., by an employee of The Sun who told them he had just been pulled over on Lakeview Avenue.

Police say the man, who is not being identified, told police “he was cut off by a black Dodge Charger. The victim stated the white male operator walked up to him and flashed what he believed to be a badge, and asked him questions like where he was going, and where he was coming from.”

The victim said he worked for The Sun, showed an identification badge from The Sun, and said he was working in the area.

“At that time the suspect got back in his car and left,” wrote Deputy Police Chief Richard Burrows. Burrows said the man was alone in the Dodge at the time.

The victim wrote down the license plate of the Charger and drove to the Tyngsboro Police station to report what happened.

Burrows said officers immediately recognized that there were no plain clothes Tyngsboro officers working, and Officer John Coburn set out in search of the suspect vehicle.

“I’m glad he came into the station,” Burrows told me this afternoon. “A lot of times people might not say anything.”

Officer Coburn found the vehicle about 20 minutes later as it crossed the Tyngsboro Bridge.

Except now there were two people in the Charger. The driver was the registered owner, a North Chelmsford man who was surprised to hear about what had happened earlier.

In the passenger seat was Sean F. Martin, 40, of 136 Tyngsboro Road, Unit 1, Chelmsford.

After investigating, Coburn arrested Martin and charged him with impersonating a police officer and disorderly conduct. Police also learned Martin was wanted on a pair of default warrants.

He remains in custody this weekend, since he’s being held without bail on the default warrants.

Burrows said Martin complained that he wasn’t feeling well once he was taken into custody, so he was taken to Lowell General Hospital to be checked out. He was treated and released.

I thought police might have had to use force during the arrest when I first saw Martin’s mugshot, but Burrows said no force was required, or used. Police were not able to locate a badge on Martin.

Police are still not sure exactly what Martin was up to, but they want to hear from anyone else who may have been pulled over by Martin.

“I don’t know what his intent was,” Burrows told me. “I don’t know what the motive was. He was uncooperative.”

Anyone else who has been pulled over in the area by someone looking Martin is asked to call Tyngsboro Police at 978.649.7504.

Here is a link to a PDF of the press release.


3 responses to “This is not a law enforcement officer

    • If this guy looks like a cop,that ‘s a problem; the big question is: what’s actually going on in this guy’s head- just playing dress-up or any number of potentially dangerous-or even deadly consequences to the unsuspecting public. As a woman, clowns like this creep make me nervous, despite the fact that I’ve never had a problem holding my own…. How about that lady about a month ago who wouldn’t stop for multiple marked State Police cruisers until a Bedford(Ma) officer pulled her over?

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