Ex-boyfriend at the window

Here is how not to handle a breakup.

Brian Driscoll, 37, of 58 Myrtle St., in Malden, was arrested early Sunday morning, after he allegedly caused quite a ruckus outside his ex-girlfriend’s new home and then assaulted her new roommate.

Police say two residents of 20 Sycamore Drive told police Driscoll showed up a bit before 2 a.m., rang the doorbell, and began yelling outside.

Residents told police Driscoll began looking into windows with a flashlight, and even propped a ladder up against the house in an attempt to knock on a bedroom window.

One of the residents told police Driscoll was sending threatening text messages while this was occurring.

Driscoll then began striking the door of the home in an effort to break in, prompting his ex-girlfriend to answer the door and tell him to leave while a male resident of the home called 911, according to police.

Police say Driscoll then forced his way into the home and assaulted the male resident before fleeing.

Police arrived to find a car speeding away from the neighborhood, but pulled it over and arrested Driscoll after the residents of the home identified him.

Driscoll is charged with breaking and entering night, assault and battery, and driving with a suspended license.

He was arraigned Monday in Lowell District Court, but I was unable to find out whether he was held.

Tewksbury Police encourage anyone who spots suspicious activity or crime in town to call 911, or to call crime Tip Line at 978.851.0175. Residents can also email detectives at tewks_detectives@tewksbury-ma.gov.

5 responses to “Ex-boyfriend at the window

  1. WTF?! What part of ‘go away’ does this creep not understand? For a freaking loser he has an overactive sense of entitlement —bother & threaten his ex, break her door, wake up the neighbors…..not the way to get in anyone’s good graces. What a s***bag!

    • What does Mr.Driscoll allegedly being ‘an addict’ have to do w/the fact that he disrupted peoples sleep,terrorized his ex(good judgment on her part), damaged her property, & tried to beat up her boyfriend? This twisted loser sooner-not later- needs to grow up! If any man I was seeing ever showed the slightest hint of this behavior I’d pitch him out in a new york minute! Also, too many people hide behind addiction and/or mental illness as rationalization for egregious offenses in an attempt to avoid accountability for their actions……we need to stop making excuses for s***bags.

  2. Obvious he’s some loser that can’t accept he no longer has a girlfriend. What’s wrong with people, when you break up you’re broken up, let it go man. Looks like he got his ass kicked though, I’m sure he deserved it. I bet he’ll think twice about messing with her new boyfriend again! Maybe now he’ll get the message to stay away. Unfortunately idiots like this never seem to get the message though and they often re-offend 😦

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