Lowell Police iPads

Lowell Police have been working with Apple and the Zco Corporation since 2011 to develop software that enables police to use iPads, possibly in place of the traditional, and much more expensive, laptop computers in cruisers.

My story on the program is here.

In “a matter of weeks, not months,” another 20 to 25 iPads will be rolled out to detectives here in Lowell. Superintendent Lavallee tells me this could very well be a replacement for laptop computers in the future.For more information on the software LPD is helping to develop, click here.

In other news about LPD equipment, police have also decided the Chevrolet Caprice police interceptor is going to be the city’s new police cruiser now that Ford is no longer producing the Crown Victoria.

I’m working on a story about the cruisers for later this week, and just finished reading an explanation of the choice. The Caprice sounds like a hell of a car, plus it has a V8 engine that gets as good or better mileage than a lot of V6’s.

A lot of departments have been switching to Dodge Chargers, but the Chargers did not get good reviews from LPD or the officers who tested them.

2 responses to “Lowell Police iPads

  1. I’m always glad to see really good gear in the hands of all our public-safety personnel —-those caprices make a great-looking(and,more importantly,great-performing) cruiser,too!

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