Motorcycle happy ending

I wrote about someone stealing a motorcycle from 10-year-old Dylan Thompson last week, and I felt pretty confident stating that the crime was committed by a jerk.

Today the blog got a reminder that not everyone around here is a jerk.

Dylan and his family went camping over the weekend, and Dylan had no motorcycle to take along.

But he did have several text messages from Dave and Denise Pelletier, who texted Dylan’s mom with pictures of the new motorcycle they raised money to buy for him.

“Instead of thinking about who took his bike, he was getting excited about this new one,” Dawn wrote to me this afternoon. “The text that really got him smiling was ‘Dave is putting it together and charging it.’ I think he knew testing it was next!”

And, sure enough, Dylan got to test out his new motorcycle today in Dave and Dee’s yard.

Dawn posted the photo collage that’s above on Facebook today.

Dawn and the family didn’t want to replace the bike, but she tells me that Denise insisted since so many people wanted to help.

Other contributions have also come in, thanks to folks like Mike, who asked that his last name not be used, Denise and Dave, and Mike Cawley, of Lowell Lock & Key. Dylan suffers from Neurofibromatosis, so the additional donations are being directed to the Children’s Tumor Foundation, which funds research and help for those with the condition.

There are some leads on who took Dylan’s other bike and where it ended up, but unless there’s an arrest or the bike is returned I’m going to keep those under wraps.

I just spoke to Dylan about his experience testing out the new bike, and he didn’t mince words.

“I like it,” he said.

Dylan said the bike goes 2 mph faster than his old bike, and that he’s looking forward to taking more rides at Fort Hill Park soon.

Good news on a Monday? Who knew it was possible?

Now lets all keep our fingers crossed that Dee doesn’t hurt me for giving her credit for all of this. I know Dee through work, and have learned over the years that she doesn’t like getting credit for things. Tough luck this time Dee!


6 responses to “Motorcycle happy ending

  1. That’s wonderful! Just an FYI us folks with NF don’t like it to be called a disease. You can’t catch NF. We like it to be called a health condition.

  2. Now if someone would just return my son’s mongoose…try to explain to an autistic child why his bike isn’t home anymore…

    • Hi Ann,
      I am sorry someone stole your sons Mongoose. Dylan has a bicycle in GREAT shape that he would LOVE to share if you are interested. I know it’s not the same but it is an AWESOME bike that a kid can have FUN with if you are interested!

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