Wheelchair struck in downtown Lowell

A roughly 58-year-old man in a wheelchair was struck as he crossed the street in the area of 140 Central Street downtown tonight about 10:30 p.m.

I know a few people who witnessed this and they said the guy in the wheelchair was in the middle of the street when he was struck by an SUV. The impact spun the man’s wheelchair around.

Police said the driver of the SUV is about 44-years-old.

The 58-year-old was taken to Saints with what were described as minor injuries. He remained conscious at the scene.

It’s Saturday night and accident reports don’t get filed real quickly when the city is this busy, so I’ll check back on this tomorrow to see if there were charges or citations.

It’s Saturday night, though, folks. If you’re driving downtown, keep your eyes open. People ARE going to step out in front of you.

UPDATE: I got the ages backward here. The driver was 58 and the man in the wheelchair was 43.

According to the Lowell Police report on this crash Gian-Reto Wiegner, 58, of Winchester, told police he was driving outbound on Central Street when he heard a noise and looked in his rear-view mirror to see a man in a wheelchair behind him.

Thomas Sarantakis, 43, of Lowell, told officers he was crossing the street when he drove into the side of a Toyota SUV.

The police report notes that the damage to the SUV was on the rear, driver’s side door. No charges were filed.


5 responses to “Wheelchair struck in downtown Lowell

  1. If he was able to reach the cross walk instead of crossing in the middle of the street, it would have been less likely that he would have been hit. The gravel and sand where a ramp should be is sad and makes it difficult for those who are handicapped to navigate the sidewalks and crosswalks properly.

  2. Yes,people walking, in wheelchairs,etc DO have to step in front of you when they cross the street. Also please keep in mind that most will look both ways when crossing-and that pedestrians have the right of way…..that being said the man who was hit is in my prayers.

  3. I think you have the facts reversed….the man in the wheelchair is 44 and the man in suv was probably the 58 year old person. The driver did not have his light on the vehicle making it harder for the person hit to see him and vice versa. He was a quadriplegic who had difficulty with his peripheral vision and had just got stuck; a good samaritan freed him from the pothole. When he tried to go ahead he was hit by the vehicle. He underwent surgery today to save his legs but will need further surgery to prevent further problems. The man hit was Tom and he lives in Lowell.

  4. The man confirms that he hit the suv. The damage is to the rear. Pedestrians have a duty as well, just can’t walk or roll into the rear of a car

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